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Drew Madden Unique Team Building Skills and Unbreakable Passion in EMR

Drew Madden is a man led by passion, intelligence, and dedication. The celebrated Healthcare IT entrepreneur boasts of a unique ability to consolidate unbreakable staff-customer relationships, strong team spirit among staff members, and most importantly, a culture that positive and forward-looking. He has succeeded at the highest levels of Healthcare IT, both as an employee and as an executive. The B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering holder has a key focus in ensuring that the healthcare industry is revolutionizing through IT. Clients have built trust around Drew Madden and by extension every company associated with him, seeing him as a reliable healthcare partner.

Madden’s Passion in EMR

The University Of Lowa College Of Engineering is the alma mater of Drew Madden. While at the institution, he specialized in the study of Medical Systems, an area that he holds so close to his heart. In his admission, his passion lies falls within the study and application of Electronic Medical Records (EMR). He has dedicated much of his post-university life to consulting and brainstorming with other bright and like-minded professionals within the field in an attempt at improving the field. He is a firm believer in that if proper troubleshooting and subsequent proper EMR implementation are done, then the Healthcare IT fraternity would optimally benefit from the technology. Madden was quoted in 2014 saying that his ultimate goal is to get solutions to some of the complex challenges that currently hinder the success of EMR projects.

Career Excellence

The last seven years have seen Drew Madden develop his career and take on difficult challenges after the other with confidence. After joining Nordic Consulting Partners in 2000, the young professional worked to his level best and managed to catch the eye of the firm’s top leadership. Within a year of the job, he was promoted to become the president and the most senior executive in the firm. Over a half a decade that followed, he was able to lead the company to the top of world’s Epic consulting industry. Under his watch, Nordic won the top position in Epic implementation services twice within a space of three years. Madden also won several KLAS awards during that time. After leading Nordic to an annual revenue of $130 million, Madden quit his job to focus on entrepreneurship.