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USHealth Group: Miracle for Independent Workers

USHEALTH Group was previously known as Ascent Assurance. Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance Company are the underwriters of USHEALTH Group. USHEALTH Group specializes in health insurance for self-employed people and owners of small companies. There over 15 million customers that have taken advantage of USHEALTH Group’s products. The headquarters of USHEALTH Group is in Fort Worth, Texas. USHEALTH Group was established in 1982. Troy McQuagge has been the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group since 2014, after having the same role at USHEALTH Advisors. The company does not have an exchange symbol because it is publicly traded. USHEALTH Advisors is a subordinate company of USHEALTH Group. The function of this subsidiary is marketing.


USHEALTH Group competes with other insurers by building lasting bonds with its clients. Therefore, USHEALTH Group is a dependable company. An A+ rating has been given to the company by the Better Business Bureau thanks to its reputation as a Top 50 North American Call Center as of 2013. The HOPE acronym stands for Helping Other People Everyday. This acronym represents the mission of USHEALTH agents, which was started in 2010. The vision of USHEALTH group is to be the preferred insurer for all of its beneficiaries.


Low income customers can benefit from PremierChoice. This product offers FirstDollar coverage. Customers do not need to satisfy high deductibles. Secure Advantage allows you to create a combination of both a sickness plan and an accident plan. You can pick the deductible that is right for you. Rates can remained unchanged for a maximum of 3 years. Life insurance coverage is available under LifeProtector. This renewable coverage is good for 10 years. MedGuard offers one-time payments for people diagnosed with life threatening diseases. Income Protector protects people with disabling injuries from income losses while out of work so they can pay for their bills and basic needs. The Essential Health Benefit Plan complies with the 10 health care service requirements of the ACA. People can register for the EHB plan during the open enrollment period. The PPO networks of USHealth include Cigna and PHCS.

Rick Shinto Promotes InnovaCare Health To Emerge Among Trusted Managed Healthcare Providers

The healthcare industry has seen massive growth over the years and many of the changes that were reported are as a result of the input the government has offered to take healthcare services closer to the people. Programs like Medicare Advantage made healthcare better and improved the access to quality care among individuals who have different needs to cater for when it comes to guarding their healthcare. One of the companies in the healthcare industry that took this opportunity to improve and offer better services is InnovaCare Health, a highly established managed healthcare provider based in Puerto Rico.

InnovaCare Health has been in the forefront offering services that have helped to make access to quality services easy. Their system was designed to accommodate the new demands of the industry and to allow for growth and establishment. Today, the company serves people from the larger North American region and their support for programs like Medicare has continuously been growing. Some of the reasons behind the great success the company enjoys is having good leaders who are focused on developing a network that can be relied on. The company reshuffled its leadership system in 2012 to include new professionals who are more experienced and committed to offering ideas for growth.

Rick Shinto

One of the professionals who was invited to work with InnovaCare Health following this reshuffle is Rick Shinto, who is the current CEO and President. Rick Shinto has led the company towards attaining a status of growth and development and he is among individuals who led the development of a unique network of service delivery that has enhanced the quality of services. Before he was appointed to head InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto served at Aveta Inc as the company’s President and CEO.

This was between 2008 and 2012 and before then he worked with several companies including NAMM California and MedPartners. His great services were also extended to supporting the government in various organizations and this allowed him to build a strong career as a clinical medicine expert. Rick Shinto also authored several journals and articles addressing issues in the healthcare industry.

About Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides, the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health, is a professional with more than 20 years experience working on clinical medicine projects. She, before joining InnovaCare Health, worked at Aveta as the deputy of the president and also served at several government organizations. She is among people who gave InnovaCare Health the new look the company enjoys.

Everything You Need To Know About Nobilis Health

The Healthcare industry has a number of challenges despite the evolution of modern medicine. A large number of people are still not able to access health care facilities. Other people still live in remote places where there is transport infrastructure. The number of health practitioners available is still not enough to meet the growing demand. Healthcare service providers like Nobilis health have stepped in to curb these issues.

Nobilis Health is a firm that controls and owns acute care and ambulance services. They provide healthcare services that are cheap and offer minimal invasive treatments. Nobilis Health according to cantechletter also engages its clients by creating awareness and offering education services. By using direct to patient proprietary and marketing tactics, the firm is able to reach out to patients in different places. The company attributes its growth to their proficient management and operations systems.

The company hires healthcare medics who have experience in different fields of medicine. In addition to that, Nobilis Health offers management services such as financing, management and operations, legal, accredition and licensing and bench marking services. The main focus of the management and operations of Nobilis is to find professionals who are valuable to the Nobilis team. Nobilis has seven surgical facilities in Scottsdale, Dallas and Houston. Additionally, they have partnership with six healthcare centers in Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Tennessee, Oregon and New Jersey.

Nobilis Health is reknowned for its innovative marketing tactics. They use social forums, web and mobile techniques to achieve the effective marketing techniques. Before embarking on any marketing technique, they carry extensive research on the best old school methods to employ. The marketing and advertising techniques done by Nobilis Health are aimed at bringing awareness and enabling more patients to access affordable health care in any of the facilities that are affiliated with Nobilis. The common traditional marketing tactics they use include print media, radio advertisements, television advertisements and client testimonials.

Nobilis has been able to pick the right marketing combination that works well for them. The marketing combination has been beneficial in the awareness of health conditions and various diseases. Patients are able to identify signs and symptoms of various diseases and find effective cures. Such patients are able to educate the members of their families who are equally and directly affected by the disease. This awareness and education program is meant to benefit everyone not only those who are sick. It has detailed information on how to prevent the spread of diseases and the correct treatment for every type of diseases. Aside from that, it has created forums where patients share their experiences with other patients suffering the same plight.

The integrated marketing has encouraged a patient and doctor relationship where the patient can fully engage the doctor. It also enables the patient to get encouraged as he is introduced to various forms of treatments that are meant to boost health. The firm has a dedicated laboratory and a skilled team who are tasked with the job of researching and coming up with cures and safe therapies.