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Is Pedialyte the New Cure for Hangovers?

Pedialyte, well-known as a child’s cure for dehydration is quickly becoming a go-to product for hangovers.

Beyond all the hype and marketing buzz, the question is does it really work?

The reason hangovers are so harsh on the body is because alcohol depletes the body of minerals, leaving you to feel sluggish, thirsty and nauseated.

Pedialyte rehydrates the body with those lost minerals and electrolytes, a key component in overcoming a hangover according to STX Entertainment.

Traditionally, Gatorade has always been a first choice to replenish nutrients, but it contains more sugar, and has more calories than Pedialyte.

The popularity has caught the attention of the manufacturer, Abbott Laboratories. They intend on expanding the flavors and including a powdered version.

Endorsements from celebrities have certainly helped the brand transition from a kid’s drink into an adult’s recovery aid.

Miley Cyrus selfie and Pharrell’s plug in USMagazine certainly expanded the Pedialyte demographics.

If nothing else, keep in mind, Pedialyte has been nursing the nastiest stomach ailments for decades, so it makes sense that it can fix an episode of heavy drinking.