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Watch Out Ordinary Shampoos: WEN By Chaz Does It Better

For years, most women never looked at the list of ingredients on the back of their hair care products. It was just a shampoo; how complicated could it be?

Today, things are very different, mass-produced and blended with a variety of harsh things like chemicals and detergents. A lot of us have begun to worry about the numerous products being massaged throughout our scalps and hair, especially when most of them contain chemicals found in our household cleaners. Yes, that’s a bit unnerving.

Many of us eat properly, shunning nasty additives in our food and beverages, so why should hair care products be any different?

Famous L.A. stylist Chaz Dean understood this concern as a man who lives a healthy and holistic lifestyle. He tends to the famous and gorgeous heads of many celebrities, and he was aware of the strong amounts of sulfates and parabens added to regular shampoos and conditioners. As a hair expert, Chaz Dean knew that chemicals like those eventually weaken the hair shaft, cause damage and strip strands of their natural oils. He sought a better way.

WEN By Chaz is the clear alternative to “ordinary” shampoos and conditioners. His line of famous no lather shampoo offers a new experience to cleansing and conditioning the hair. His rich formulas are derived from the goodness of nature and use extracts from certain herbs and plant-based ingredients. Hair revives with shine, moisture, bounce and vitality.

The beauty of WEN By Chaz is in its simple regimen of a one-bottle cleansing conditioner that works on all hair types and textures in any condition. These multiple-performers offer five benefits:

A WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner acts as a shampoo, conditioner, de-tangler, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner.

There are superb varieties to choose from, and each one smells like a heavenly garden.

True Testimonials About The Great Performance of WEN by Chaz

A young woman decided to write down her daily experiences using a new hair cleansing product. The product she used was the fig version of WEN by Chaz and the record she kept, she posted to Bustle online. The young woman was very thorough in the details she included in her article. She included everything from photos showing how much product she used every day to information about how her hair felt at the end of the first week. Her article begins with a statement of why she wanted to try WEN by Chaz in the first place. After seeing advertisements for the product she wanted to see if it would indeed help her limp, unruly hair. The young woman’s conclusion states how the product did leave her hair looking and feeling shinier, fuller and more manageable.
True Testimonials

Wen by Chaz first gained notoriety through the numerous testimonials provided by well known celebrities. Mr. Dean started out working as a hair stylist in an up-scale Bel Aire salon. He eventually acquired ownership of the salon, which became his personal hair studio. Continuing to work with many celebrities, Mr. Dean decided to create a product that would combine the best of both cleansing and conditioning.

The words trailblazing and passionate have often been used to describe the way Chaz Dean feels about his line of hair care products. When creating his line of cleansing conditioners he decided to take a natural, holistic approach to the development. Every WEN product is made using special blends of botanical extracts. The natural ingredients used in WEN’s formula allow the product to deliver the results people see advertised. People using the WEN cleansing conditioners continue to post testimonials about the great results they received. Visitors to the WEN website can read real stories from regular people about how using WEN has changed the appearance of their hair. Wen is Sephora available. It can also be purchased on Amazon.

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