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George Soros and Phillip Diehl Agree About Gold:Invest Now

Ever since his service as the Director of the United States Mint, Phillip Diehl has offered innovative ideas and insight regarding our nation’s currency and how the American Dollar stacks up against our competitors, as well as the once popular gold standard.

Selected personally by former President Clinton in the 1990’s, Mr. Diehl has implemented the 50 states quarter program. Because of this unique idea of making currency distribution more interesting, many different forms of United States quarters with different engravings pertaining to each of the fifty states, as well as other designs representing many aspects of America’s rich history.

Phillip Diehl has recently issued advice about how the American people should effectively invest their money. Mr. Diehl and George Soros, a multimillionaire, a renowned businessman from Budapest, both concur that with the collapsing economies of the BRIC alliance (consisting of the countries of Brazil, Russia, China, and India) and other nations worldwide, all of the global currencies are risking more susceptible to volatility and instability. In the event of complete economic failure on a global scale, gold is a precious metal that always has and always will hold a universal standard of value. More of the United States Mint director’s insight and suggestions can be heard in a recent interview with the Entrepreneur Podcast Network.

A piece from the Jaws Youth Fund revealed that Hungarian businessman George Soros has withdrawn most of his investments in bank stocks and shares. In the past two years, he has gradually moved his funds from big banking into shares and stocks for oil mining companies. While this is a risky investment which requires a lot of money to initially take on, the payout has the potential to be exponential compared to what was invested to begin with.

Another piece of investment advice recommended by the director of the United States Mint is that Americans should invest in coins. They hold a more structured value, which is pre-determined by the US Mint based on weight and the composition of precious metals within certain coins. This is an especially more advisable monetary commitment, especially if you can’t afford to buy top-karat gold by the ounce.

Philip Diehl Speaks His Mind

Philip Diehl has had an interesting career. He is one of the very few people in American history whose resume notes “Director of the U.S. Mint” as previous work experience. In the present day, Diehl is acting as president of U.S. Money Reserve, one of the top providers of gold coins in the world. With such an interesting career history, Diehl makes a great talk show guest. Recently, he was asked to talk about gold coins on the EPN podcast network.

The popularity of investing in gold grew dramatically over the past ten years. Not all gold assets are the same. Yes, they do have to maintain a certain level of purity to be legitimate investment items. Gold coins are different from bullion and bars. Coins produced by the U.S. Mint are legal tender. A coin’s value is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government, and this makes them appealing to investors.

According to prnewswire,  Diehl points out his tenure at the U.S. Mint opened his eyes to the great value of precious metal coins. Under Diehl’s tenure, the U.S. Mint opened a host of distribution channels all throughout the world. Previously, the U.S. Mint dealt mostly with distribution channels exclusively in the United States. Meeting the strong demand for gold coins throughout the globe left Diehl with a better understanding of what buyers are interested in. He also knows how to logistically sell and move gold throughout numerous markets. Bringing such experience to U.S. Money Reserve definitely helps the company growth in the precious metals sales market.

U.S. Money Reserve is based in Austin, TX and has facilitated hundreds of thousands of gold, silver, and platinum coin sales. The research department puts a great deal of effort into acquiring only high quality coins for resale. Sales representatives work carefully with customers to make sure those customer by the coins best suited for their needs.

In the podcast, Diehl mentions he makes good customer service a guiding principle employees and executives should follow. In doing so, the company can meet its mission and help investors build up their portfolios.

U.S Money Reserve Leading In Gold Investment

National development of many countries is measured by the economic development indicators. There are different economic development activities that dictate the amount of revenue each country makes. As a result, money plays a very huge part in the economic development of any given country. Other countries invest mainly in mining as an economic development activity. There are many products that are extracted during mining. Gold is one of the most valuable treasures that are extracted during mining. Gold mining has highly improved the economic development of many countries. Gold mining and the subsequent investment have grown to be among the world leading economic hubs. Gold is cherished by many people due to its glittering nature and the monetary value. Gold is always used as a source of investment for many countries that aim at maximizing on the profit outcome. United States of America is one of the countries that have invested a lot of resources in gold investment. The American government has invested a lot in the bullion coins made from gold as a source of hedge against any economic inflation. These coins are usually used as security in case the economic situation of the country is disrupted. It is always used to dictate the inflation or dwindling of the currency in any economic market.
U.S Money Reserve is the largest distributors of the government issued gold, silver and platinum coins. The company has made good name over the years as being one of the most notable leading money reserve company in the world. The company provides high quality coins for there diverse number of clients. This has made many clients develop faith in the company. The company allows American citizens that are financially stable to acquire high valued coins for investment. This has made majority of Americans to become financially stable through purchasing the gold coins. The company has invested a lot in professional personnel who have scaled the quality of service provision to a world standard. The employees serve the clients with diligence thus leading to increased sales. The company has also maintained good working relationship between the employees and the clients. This has culminated in maintaining both new and seasonal clients who have maintained their purchasing power on the company. The American government has put more trust in the company which has seen the company ship over millions of gold coins for the U.S government.