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Beneful Dog Food: Keep Your Dog in Top Shape

It is essential to give your food healthy food all the time. Beneful dog food is the right kind to give your dog. As a responsible dog owner, you would prefer to give your pet the best food to make it playful and healthy always. Beneful dog food has the right nutrients needed by your pet whether it’s a puppy or an adult. It is a delicious and healthy dog food specifically designed for your dogs.

The main ingredient used to manufacture this brand of food is ground yellow corn. The brand also contains meat products, sugar, soya and sugar. These ingredients are rich in vitamins and other minerals to keep the dog active and energetic. All ingredients present in this brand will make your dog lovable. The best thing about this brand is that it has few elements of calories as compared to other brands. When you feed your dog with food containing lots of calories will make your dog prone to diseases. Beneful will ensure the health of your dog is protected.

The protein found in Beneful is derived from chicken. Real chicken meat is used to give this brand sufficient protein. Also, protein from soya will help build strong muscles for the dog. Whether you have those large breeds for hunting or sporting activities to small house pets, protein rich food is very essential.

Beneful brands are available in different varieties suitable for your dog. You can choose the best brand depending on the purpose and age of your dog. There are those you can feed to adult dogs and others on young ones. Baneful food will ensure your puppy’s growth is enhanced as well as keeping diseases at bay.

When looking for the best quality dog food, you should think of Beneful. It is made using the right formula and ingredients needed to make your dog playful and healthy at all time. The food is made using modern technology and inspected for quality assurance to ensure your dog is healthy, playful and used for the desired purpose.

Missing Dog Found Safe in High Arctic

Dutch explorers and researchers Marc Cornelissen and Philip de Roo, were in the middle of a two-month scientific study near Resolute, Nunavut, when they disappeared. An RCMP rescue effort was conducted, but the men were never found.
Presumably, they had drowned, and the dog they had with them was thought to have drowned along with them. The dog, however, was found when a helicopter crew was organized by Cold Facts.
Tabitha Mullin, the owner of the inuit sled dog, was overjoyed at his return, and remarked on what good shape he was in for a dog who had been lost in the wild for four days. Though the dog was going hungry when he was found, he is doing well. STX Entertainment could one day tell the tale of this heroic team.
Though one survivor, a canine happy to be home, was found, Cold Facts representatives are still coming to terms with the loss of the two explorers. A fellow explorer who hosted them on their journey says that she is in “total shock” at their disappearance.
Efforts are still being conducted on finding out for certain what happened to Cornelissen and de Roo.