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Tackling the Refugee Crisis with George Soros.

George Soros is described on many forums as a man one cannot just ignore. He possesses a wealth of experience in economic matters, politics and so much more. Soros at 85 years had seen and done it all.

In the1930’s, Hungary fell under the command of communists and the occupation of the Nazi. George Soros was born in these tough times. A young Soros fled Hungary and settled in London where he spent the next fifteen years as a refugee. The experiences Soros underwent in his early life made him the man of character we know today. He defended the underprivileged and troubled in life such as refugees.

Forbes billionaire George Soros has been spending sleepless nights because of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Europe. His analysis of the response to the crisis leads to the observation that the European Union is on the verge of collapse after failing to act in unison and tackle common problems. At some point, he opined that the union had lost its founding spirit, and member countries were acting on individual interests.

George has also weighed in on the matter and formulated a plan of action to solve the crisis in the long term. Soros also observes a vast difference between the way the world handled refugees back in the days and today. All the years he spent as an exile saw him accommodated and accepted in the United Kingdom and the Unite States. George Soros now fights for the rights of other refugees and immigrants like him.

In the US political landscape, Soros has become some kingmaker whose support of Democratic candidates yields significant wins. The presidential nominations in the US are in progress and Soros has been searching for the right candidate to support. However, some strong comments from Republican candidate Donald Trump caught his attention. Trump persistently speaks of the need to close US borders and deport immigrants as well as refugees.

Soros caught wind of such intent and rubbished Trump. Trump was further accused of doing the work of ISIS, who is responsible for the influx of asylum seekers in Europe as well as the destabilization of Syria and Iraq. Soros found Trump guilty of infringing fundamental humanitarian principles. Furthermore, such cruel acts against tortured people only make them adopt violence.

George’s contribution to the analysis of the volatile global economy and social welfare continues. On the tough economic times experienced in Europe and China, Soros believes it’s just a passing cloud and investors need not worry. Soros also sees another round of Quantitative Easing in Europe that would save another deflation or depression from happening. George Soros continues to be one of the most successful hedge-fund managers of the past generations.