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How Vincent Parascandola has excelled at AXA Advisors.

AXA Advisors is a firm that is devoted to providing financial services such as global insurance and investment management. The company has made great accomplishments, and it was the first to have a growth rate of over 14 percent per annum. Its main clients are located in North America, Middle East, and Western Europe. The company has been offering opportunities to businesses and families to make significant steps that can enable them to attain financial security. AXA was created in 1859, and it has been providing reliable solutions to all its clients. The firm ensures that customers are assured of having a protected future.


The insurance enterprise has managed to get a good share of the international market by acquiring and merging with various renowned businesses. The firm that is has purchased include Equitable, Winterthur Group, Guardian Royal Exchange, and include Sun Life & Provincial Holdings. AXA also participates in social philanthropy and creation of initiatives that are devoted to the elimination of human suffering. It founded the AXA Research Fund, which was dedicated to offering resources to organizations that conduct research on how to solve issues that affect human life and the environment.


Vincent Parascandola is an American business leader who has majored in management development, hiring solutions and enhancing the skills of financial professionals. He currently works at AXA Advisors as the senior VP of financial services. Parascandola completed his undergraduate degree from the Pace University, which is located in New York. He has served various financial institutions as an agent and administrator. Vincent worked for Prudential and was named as the National Rookie of the Year due to his outstanding performance. In 1990, he was hired by the MONY Life Insurance and served it as an agent. The firm later promoted him to hold executive offices.


Parascandola also served as the president of the Advantage Group, which was a branch of the AXA Equitable. The firm dealt with finance experts, and he had more than 400 professionals who were attached to him. He later moved to AXA Advisors where he has been offering excellent strategies that assist clients in attaining their financial goals. Vincent in a motivational speaker and has been invited by various institutions.