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Study Shows Extroverts Least Likely To Be Green

A recent research study was performed by a group in the University of Portsmouth Business School that found that much of the UK older generation are too busy to be environmentally conscious. The study was done with a group of individuals that were over 50 years old. They found that introverts were the greenest over their extrovert counterparts. Christian Broda says the small study has focused attention to this generation and many of them may be moderately green in their daily lives from what RealDailyBuzz describes. But they are more prone to be distracted with other conditions in their lives that prevent them from being environmentally aware. The test observed how they reacted with simple environment choices such as switching off lights when not in use and bringing their own bags to the market. They found a limitation in lumping these studies for the entire older group that takes up one-third of the UK population. It was found that these choices depend on the era that they grew up in. Ones over 70 years old may be more mindful of the group since they are from the post-War era and are accustomed to rationing.