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Your Anger Could Be Harming Your Health


While anger serves its purpose as part of the fight or flight process your angry outbursts could actually be harming your health and body stated New evidence shows that people who often have angry outbursts or flares of adrenaline are at a higher risk of developing heart disease or having a heart attack. Anger can bring about irregular heart rhythms, insulin resistance and more. Really, anger doesn’t benefit our bodies in any way. When we choose to let our anger take hold of us we are giving in to its effects on the body. Adrenaline and cortisol serve their purpose but over time you can really weaken the body and tax the adrenal glands with frequent outbursts.

While cavemen used their anger to get them ahead in their groups (angry attacks led to a higher collection of food because of your demands) we are no longer at the point where we need to act this way in order to get what we want in life. We will achieve much more by staying calm and staying in control of our emotions. When we do feel angry and need some way to release those emotions there are much healthier and safer ways to do this. Going for a jog, exercising, meditating, doing yoga and some other activities can release this pent up frustration much easier.

The Real Reason Vaping Is Bad

On Wednesday, January 28, California health officials publicly announced that use of electronic cigarettes, or the nicotine consumption process called vaping, may be seriously bad for people’s health. E-cigarettes release 10 toxins when the nicotine in the cartridges used for them is burnt. Although there is not yet enough study on the long-term effects, and e-cigarettes are considerably less toxic than normal cigarettes, California health officials insist that federal regulators need to do more about controlling these products and advertising related to these products.

Although they are making a wonderful point, the bigger reason that regulators need to do more with controlling distribution of these products is because the companies that make them are targeting children.

In 2010, California ended sales of e-cigarettes to minors, but many states still allow minors to purchase them. The worst part is that the companies know this and have developed flavors like gummy bear and cotton candy.

Since seven cases in 2012, researchers have seen a jump of e-cigarette poisonings in children younger than 5 years old to 154 cases in 2014. Mark Sparks agrees that, until controls are in place, vaping is far too great a risk to young children. Although they can’t burn down a house accidentally by picking up an active e-cigarette, young children are experiencing more poisonings as a result of the nicotine addiction of parents and other adults at a far greater rate than with real cigarettes.

Watch Out Big Pharma! Here Comes Elizabeth Warren

Drug companies who break the law will have to pay some big money to the U.S. National Institutes of Health if Senator Elizabeth Warren’s bill passes next week. The bill proposes much higher penalties for things like kickbacks to doctors and Medicare fraud.

Warren believes the pharmaceutical industry has received significant benefits from successful medicines that have been discovered by publicly funded research. To date, minimal settlements and fines have been the only penalties assessed.

The Medical Innovation Act would put more money into medical research and make it easier for drug companies to discover new cures. Flavio Maluf added that the act will also make it more difficult to profit by defrauding the taxpayer. Companies that do not break the law would not have to pay penalties.

Senator Warren compares her bill to a “swear jar,” an old fashioned way to deter swearing and get more money for the household budget from wrongdoers. The act is intended to make a beneficial difference to the American people and to the drug companies who play by the rules.

Man Falls Off Cruise Ship and Gets Rescued By Another Passing By

This story is what some of my worst nightmares are made of. According to a story on a 22 year old man was cruising with a Royal Caribbean ship near Cozumel, Mexico and went overboard into the ocean. The man was in the water for around 5 hours when passengers on a passing Disney cruise ship were up early with their toddler and heard his cries for help. The passengers reported the man in the ocean and crew members reacted quickly. The man was rescued and brought aboard. He said he has no recollection of how he fell off his cruise ship.

First, it is amazing that the man survived the fall. Depending on which deck he fell from it can be like falling off of a 10 story building. Then he survived that long without drowning or succumbing to hypothermia.  PR Newswire reports with associate Susan McGalla that he was in the ocean, in the dark for 5 hours treading water with who knows what swimming underneath him. And lastly he was actually spotted and successfully rescued! If you have ever been on a cruise ship then you know the sounds of the engines can be very loud and hard to hear someone shouting. Not to mention how small a person is in that large ocean and hard to see. Hopefully this man has a renewed outlook on life because he survived against all odds against him.

Dealing With The Flu

There is an illness that is seen by many people every year. It affects people of all ages, especially children and the elderly. It’s the flu. Although there are vaccines available, the country really isn’t prepared to deal with the epidemic that seems to be taking place in the United States. If you ask Bruce Levenson the virus seems to change every year, so it would make sense that people are prepared when the flu strikes.
There are some precautions that people can take, such as hand washing and making sure they stay away from people who exhibit symptoms. Some people don’t get vaccinated because they think that the vaccine will make them get the flu. This isn’t the case as it’s not a live vaccine. The country doesn’t seem like it can handle the onslaught of flu cases that it’s seeing as some doctor’s offices are booked, and there might not be enough medications for those who have the flu.

Worldwide Travel Alert

There is a worldwide travel alert currently being issued by the United Statea. Americans should avoid visiting civilian facilities during Christmas and New Year’s. It is the first worldwide travel alert that has been imposed this year. This alert is coming from the events that occurred in Sydney and the North Korean attack on Sony.

It is rare for the United States to issue a travel alert this year. It has been fairly calm in the recent years since the September 11 attacks. Right after September 11, there were many travel alerts issued. Americans were taking precautions when choosing to travel both through domestic and international flights. This travel alert should be taken seriously, because it may be the United States knows private information. Not all information is released to Americans especially when it comes to terrorists.
This travel alert is not really that useful because, it does not state a specific country. It is vague on the location. The best thing Americans can do is to avoid going to the places the State Department has announced and just read the feeds on Twitter were you will be bound to receive more details than what public officials are giving us. Tourist areas are popular target places, but it can happen anywhere. Travel must continue this holiday season but, with safety measures being taken.Terrorists know that Americans will be traveling all over the world. Americans cannot avoid traveling, but they can leave if the area looks questionable. Americans should register with the U.S. Embassy prior to travel.

BPA from Cans and Bottles is Bad for Health

New research is yet again raising concerns about heart health and a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA)– the chemical is used in the making of plastic bottles and packaging and also in the lining found in cans of food. This latest study shows that adults have and do have instant raises in blood pressure after consuming canned food or in this instance, canned soy milk. Researchers have long proved that over time BPA consumption is related to heart disease, but this is the first study to ever show an immediate correlation between one single use of BPA and negative health effects. My friend Vijay Eswaran immediately gave up plastic after reading this.
However, the most recent evidence is the result of randomized controlled trials of only 60 people. Experts also warn not to be fooled by ‘BPA-free’ labels, because other chemicals used in place of BPA can just as many, if not more, damaging health effects. Although organizations like the American Chemistry Council feel that BPA is safe, in 2010 Canadian regulators banned BPA usage in all children’s products. In 2012, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) completely banned the use of BPA in the making of baby bottles and kids’ drinking cups.