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Secure Interest Rate Lending Provided By Internationally Sought After Equity First Holdings LLC

Equity First Holdings is considered an innovative leader in stock based lending. They were established in 2002 and provide lending solutions to their worldwide customer base. By searching for and providing the lowest rates of qualification criteria, Equity First Holdings provides their customers with the necessary means to meet and exceed in their business and personal financial goals. Equities First Holdings LLC specializes in providing loans based on evaluations of the potential risk in future performances of stocks, bonds and treasuries. Equities First Holdings has offices all over the world but is based out of Indianapolis Indiana and has a satellite office in New York. Other Equities First Holdings LLC offices are located in Australian, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and China.

During the 14 years of establishment, Equity First Holdings has been able to successfully process more than $1.4 billion in transactions. The Equity First Holdings business model puts a focus on natural and organic cycles in the stock market. This company is the only lending institution that offers borrowers the lowest interest rate on all loan products on an international level. They allow customers to use stocks as a working form of capital. In addition to this form of lending, Equity First Holdings also offers its borrowers a fixed interest rate. This rate is valid for the term of the loan and makes it easier for their borrowers to pay off the loan when the rate does not increase. By providing a solid lending solution, Equity First Holdings has become a highly sought out international lending institution. for more.