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ClassDojo Unites Everyone Back To The Classroom

When it comes to relationships, most people would agree that communication is the key. Without communication, it’s impossible to really understand all aspects of the relationship. One of the most important relationships we have today is the relationship that involves parents, teachers, and students.

Unfortunately, the communication between parents, teachers and students have really deteriorated over the years and the people who suffer the most are the students. Parents are busier than ever and it’s almost impossible to get everyone together on a regular basis. Teachers work with the students during the day, and the parents take over at night when they can but it’s not always possible. Parents really want to be more involved with what is happening with their children during the day, but how could that be possible? Well now there’s a way! Now there’s a way to bring EVERYONE together during the day, and it is a benefit to everyone involved.

ClassDojo is an app that brings everyone together to the classroom. This app is outstanding! Parents now have the ability to see what their children are doing during the day and it allows the teachers to communicate with them. Now the parents can know exactly how their children are doing and if they need any help EVERYONE is on the same page. It allows the teachers to share photos, videos, and messages. It gives everyone a chance to share ideas for the best experience for the students.

ClassDojo gives the students the opportunity to share what they are doing with their parents during the day. Students always have stories when they are picked up from school that they can’t wait to share with their parents. This gives the parents the opportunity to be there when it happens. It brings the experience of “open house” everyday!


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