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Benefits of ClassDojo Application

Jill Smith is a mother, living in Lebanon. When she flips through her phone to check the ClassDojo application, she instantly gets information about her son Berry who is studying at the Intermediate School in fifth grade. For instance, recently, Berry’s math’s teacher, Emily Linsley awarded her son a special +1 for working extra hard. Jill Smith received the update through the ClassDojo application.


Jill says that the app makes it easy for her to communicate with the teachers who spent a lot of time with Berry. The teacher can tell her about Berry’s progress during the day. She can also access the application at any time of the day and know how Berry is doing in school. Jill represents the feelings of many parents living in the Warren County. Thanks to the application, parents can get constant feedback about the student’s success in the classes through the application at no fee.


ClassDojo application was invented several years ago, and it has changed the lives of many teachers, parents, and students. The application has created a good learning environment for the children, and classroom moments are now enjoyable. The application helps the educators, parents, and students to be more engaged especially in making positive classroom moments.


Most of the teachers who have had the opportunity to use the application say that it is a wonderful tool that encourages the students to make excellent choices and also display positive behaviors when in school. When students demonstrate good practices to the educators, they earn more points. When they are involved in negative behaviors, these points are lost. The platform allows the teachers to show the positive side of the students instead of focusing on the negative.


It is important for the parents to understand what their children are up to, and what they should improve in school. These parents should also be informed when their children are doing well. The students, on the other hand, are always excited whenever they earn the points. The application has come up with a unique reward system where the students can receive Dojo Dollars for their points. They can later spend the dollars for their rewards.


Parents using the application like Jill Smith have noticed that their children show maturity compared to the past. The students are careful so that they can earn more Dojo Dollars. These dollars can be used for different types of rewards such as free homework passes or sometimes special lunches. It is also very easy to communicate with the educators using the app.