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Breaking the Sadness One Birthday at a Time

Oftentimes, people who are unaware of social problems might look at homeless people as people who are lazy or don’t want to work. What those people don’t realize, is that circumstances might make it difficult for people and they end of being homeless. It is a heartbreaking scenario, but what is maybe even more heartbreaking is to think about how many children are made homeless each year. Homeless children often have a hard time adjusting to a homeless life. The years that should be spent exploring their imagination and the depths of their mind, are spent with trying to understand why they don’t have a home or other privileges that kids their age usually have. One Denver nonprofit is doing what they can to offer these unfortunate children a little piece of a normal childhood. For most children a birthday party is an exciting time to see friends and family. For homeless children, this non-profit organization has realized that it means nothing short of the world. Denver unfortunately has 3,000 homeless children on their roster. In an article in crunchbase, Brian Torchin mentioned that many of these children are subject to living in substandard housing, witnessing crimes in places that they have to call home, and are in and out of shelters on the regular basis. The Birthday Smiles program offers these children some sense of normalcy. The children know that they can count on the volunteers of the Colfax Community Network to be there if need be. Rise Justice is one of the founders and volunteers for the network. Justice was quoted as saying that seeing homeless children is heartbreaking, but being able to give them back a piece of themselves is the most rewarding experience.