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Dr. Chris Villanueva- An Inspiration to Young Dentists

Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental Solutions, an organization formed to help doctors to provide the excellent dental care to their patients. The Texas-based dental management firm was established to give management services to affiliated dental practices. After graduating from dental school, Chris who was an active practitioner in dentistry, thought of the idea to create a model where both corporate and private dental practices could work together to deliver excellent dental care. He noted that graduates are often faced with the two alternatives after graduating- to set up a private dental practice or join a large group of dentists already in practice. Having spent a considerable amount of time in the private and corporate dental care practice, he was well equipped with knowledge of what is required to pull together resources and support without compromising the integrity of his profession. MB2 Dental Solutions has since grown to support practitioners in more than seventy affiliated institutions in six states and has employed 533 employees. The company recently announced it would set up a new branch office for Picasso Dental and Orthodontics in Seagoville Texas. Visit to know more.

What is unique about the Dental Management Network?

Most dental practice management establishments are dull and rather conservative. MB2, however, introduces new perspectives i.e. focusing more on people, not just the profit margins. Dr. Chris states that the company is based on the premise of autonomy, personal growth, support, and having fun. The firm campaigns for improvements in dental practices that benefit the patients, not to mention the innovations that promote enhanced operations and facilitate organic growth of the business.

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About Chris Villanueva

Though born in Ohio, Chris spent a significant part of his life in South America and Asia. After his high school in Caracas Venezuela, he joined a dental school after which he worked as an associate in private practice. His experience at the practice spawned the idea to create the dental organization. Dr. Villanueva had worked for years as an associate dentist, an advocate for doctor-focused practice model, and an associate dentist trainer before starting his practice where he is the CEO of MB2 Dental Solutions. His unique insight into the business and provider side of dentistry allowed him to ensure that all profit-oriented guidance does not compromise the integrity of the practice. Apart from his executive duties at the company, Dr. Chris Villanueva enjoys training and mentoring new dentists about their options after graduating. Dr. Villanueva is married to Carol, a physician who owns a practice in Northern Texas, and the two have four lovely children.

Significant Contributions By Avi Weisfogel towards Our Understanding of Sleep Disorders

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the founder and Owner of the startup, Dental Sleep Masters. This venture’s primary objective is to come up with innovative dental-based solutions for sleep apnea. Lack of sleep or the inability to fall asleep is a debilitating condition which eventually makes one vulnerable to a myriad of unwanted issues. Scientists have proved that sleep apnea is one of the prime causes of strokes, heart conditions, and diabetes. In recent times, medical experts like Avi Weisfogel have also identified a strong correlation between sleep deprivation and the onset and progression of oral disorders.

Inspiration behind Dental Masters

The inspiration behind the decision by Dr. Weisfogel to set up Dental Sleep Masters stemmed from what his observations and experiences working as a top-tier dental surgeon for decades. In his practice, he says how he often encountered people who were unable to afford the high costs of quality dental care services and products in the US. The less privileged had to settle for a less than quality life defined by awful-looking teeth and we all know what comes out of having poor oral health. These poor folks couldn’t afford a smile, quite literally and figuratively, owing to their crooked, misaligned teeth filled with gaping cavities. Eventually, these patients suffered emotionally and mentally and that adversely affected their social and professional pursuits. Dr. Avi had to do something radical and innovative to undo such torments to these lot of individuals. That’s when his startup arose. Avi Weisfogel on Linkedin.

Career Highlights of Avi Weisfogel

Asides Dental Masters, Dr. Weisfogel’s career and practice has seen him set up other reputable and registered dental clinics. In 1999, he founded the Old Bridge Dental Care clinic in the New Jersey area. For the next 20 years, the award-winning dentist and entrepreneur would grow the clinic to become of the most respectable medical facilities in the entire state. His research work led him to focus on the role of sleep in health promotion and, eventually he established the Healthy Start Sleep in 2010.

Healing Sleep Apnea

Healthy Start Sleep got designed to act as a conduit through which physicians can share and collaborate ideas about how to better utilize sleep in health promotion and disease retardation. The company would go ahead to make an immense contribution to the understanding of sleep apnea and how to deal with it, efficiently. Using the latest, state-of-the-art dental tools and equipment Dr. Avi and his team undo dental anomalies and consequently, heal the patient of the sleeping conditions. Know more about him: