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Delta Air Throws Pizza Party For Passengers On Delayed Plane

Delta Airlines have really stepped up their game lately in bringing in a more large customer fan base, as they have been throwing pizza parties for those passengers who get stuck on a major delay of a flight going places. The most recent one happened in Atlanta and it really cheered up the people on board as well as the overall mood.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, the flight crew had several pizzas delivered to the aircraft and they were served seat by seat like they would with beverages and snacks. This is really a brilliant way to make cranky people trying to get somewhere get in a better mood. Of course just about everyone turned to the different social media platforms to announce the wonderful news, and now the whole world is aware of the fantastic treatment that Delta Airlines offered their customers. I think that this was a fantastic move by the airline, because getting all of those pizzas probably didn’t cost them a whole lot overall, and the pizza companies know that they should be on call in case of instances like this.

Whatever the case, STX Entertainment says cheers to Delta. It can be extremely upsetting when a plane is delayed like that and they have found a way around it to make it not so bad overall. It will be interesting to see if other airlines follow suit.