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A Mentrual Hygiene Day Will Be Held Soon

There is a menstrual hygiene day coming up, and it may sound taboo and even scary. Girls are taught about their menstrual cycles, while they are in school, but boys are taught very little about the same thing. Menstrual Hygiene Day. In Uganda, it’s not uncommon for girls to have to miss work or school, just because they do not have sanitary napkins while they are on their cycle. If these girls end up missing a day of work, they lose money for up to seven days. It’s also possible for them to miss out on a lot of school, especially if their cycle runs longer than one week.

Although the problem in Uganda is being rectified by charities that are donating reusable sanitary napkins and more, there still is the issue of speaking about menstrual cycles in the first place. Many feel that the menstrual cycle is something that should be hidden, not talked about, and even shunned. A girl going through a menstrual cycle is no different than a boy going through puberty, and girls need to learn not to be ashamed of their bodies. Menstrual hygiene day is going to help girls learn to care for themselves, especially during that time of the month.

The event will be held in Washington DC, and it will be hosted by a company that helps to distribute menstrual kits to those in Uganda who cannot afford it. STX Entertainment and the team at the LATimes are hopeful, the entire event will de-stigmatize talking about menstrual cycles.