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Healthy Pet Food Industry Grows, Beneful Helps Lead The Way

A healthy mindset is no longer only for pet owners, now pet owners are looking to make sure their pet stays healthy and lives a long life. Pet owners own healthy choices has helped surge the healthy food industry for pets by nearly $10.5 billion since 2009, according to an article on Daily Herald.
The pet food industry is already estimated to make over $23.7 billion a year. With more people being conscious of healthy diets, more pet owners are looking at better pet food, food with less processed products.

The pet industry is aware of this with newer products that remove preservatives, artificial flavors or additives making a product far more healthy for the pets. Many of the new foods created in the healthy pet food market are frequently touted as tasting not just pet good, but human good too. These new healthier choices are often better smelling as well making them less intrusive when storing compared to other pet foods.

Some of the companies trying out the healthy market are also offering consumers the ability to customize what is mixed in, offering pet owners the ability to choose what types of meats, fishes, or vegetables are in each dish. Giving Wal-Mart store consumers the option to tailor make meals can also help connect the pet owners with their pets more.

While many companies within the healthy pet food were new companies, the larger companies are also joining in, such as Purina, have created branches like Beneful specifically for this purpose.

PurinaStore has used Beneful as a way to market their healthy brand of products, and as a way to help develop healthy products. Beneful currently offers natural ingredients, while offering numerous choices like dry dog food ( for pet owners, so they can find the one that fits their needs.

The healthy pet industry is not showing signs of slowing down as more pet owners look at healthier options for their pets.