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iFunding Presents a new Opportunity for Investors

iFunding is a company that deals with real estate investing. The platform makes it easier for people to participate in real estate investing. People who are interested can sign up with just a low minimum of $5,000. This is a lot lower than the normal $50,000-$100,000 of normal companies for real estate investing. One good feature about iFunding that there are a lot of assets that people could investing. With each asset they choose, there is a review of the asset. Among the pieces of information that are included is the estimated length, and annual return that they would get on the property.

This real estate investment company has been founded by William Skelley. He is a professional of alternative investment who also is passionate about crowdfunding. He himself coined the term in 2012. With crowdfunding, investors could put together small amounts of money in order to make some major investments for huge opportunities. These opportunities are not available to the individual in some cases. However, iFunding as a platform really shows William Skelley is one of the people who have made it possible for people to crowdfund opportunities. William Skelley also handles all of the developments of business in iFunding.

MarketWired has also written that William Skelley also speaks at industry events in order to bring more awareness to iFunding. He talks about the purpose of his company in order to encourage people to sign up and find something to make investments toward in the real estate industry. Skelley speaks both English and Spanish and lives in Boston and New York. He is particularly an expert in real estate, crowdfunding, technology, and social media.

iFunding has a long list of features that it boasts for people to learn about and use. It is important for people to actually figure out these features so that they could learn how the account works for them. iFunding is also involved with their clients. They take the time to update the client on the progress of their assets and also notifies them on the milestones that are coming. LinkedIn also indicates the dashboard is the area where they let the user know such information.