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Dan Newlin and his new #Dan campaign

Sometimes great innovations don’t come from engineers or software developers but everyday people. A recent PR Newswire story revealed that the Law Offices of Dan Newlin may have discovered a marketing tool that can possibly change how businesses and companies are contacted by customers and potential customers. Dan Newlin is the founder of the Law Offices of Dan Newlin, which has offices in Florida and Chicago. He has a passion servicing the public and helping to bring justice to individuals that have been injured. Newlin wants to help as many people as possible and in order to achieve this goal he must promote his company and make it easy for clients to contact him.

To help spread the word about his company, Dan took to social media. With the help of a hash tags, people were able easily search and discover information pertaining to a particular topic. Understanding how hash tags worked and the benefits it provided, Dan wanted to take things a step further. His research led him the idea of #Dan. This hash tag not only would allow people to search for content regarding the Law Offices of Dan Newlin but it could be dialed using the phone. These simple four digits could be dialed by a potential customer and the call would automatically be routed to one of Newlin offices.

Dan thought that this idea would be beneficial for current and potential clients and also his business. By dialing #Dan people would not have to worry about remembering a 10 digit number. Newlin took his idea to various cellular companies such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. These companies allowed beta testing to operationalize the technology.

Newlin believes that his innovative idea will not only be beneficial for his company but other large companies as well. According to research, the working memory of the average person can only memorize seven items at a time. This means that a person will more than likely forget a phone number that was seen on a billboard or heard on a radio commercial. With the new idea from Newlin, companies may be able to increase their chances of having their contact number remember if it is abbreviated and actually includes a word.