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A Test For Honesty

Public assistance is vital for disenfranchised families and individuals who need a helping hand. These programs have been implemented for decades and have improved millions of lives and started legacies that cannot be undone. Unfortunately, everyone who receives public assistance, such as Food Stamps or TANP, isn’t always as honest as one could hope for. Recently, a legislative group has released a statement aiming to push the government to require people who receive public assistance to take and pass drug tests in order to keep their assistance. The opposition of this idea suggest that requiring someone to pass a drug test who is in need of public assistance tramples over their civil and constitutional liberties. On the other hand, Sam Tabar and Bloomberg agree that the group pushing for the program stipulates that public assistance is just a temporary hand up. It was put in place to temporarily aid people and families until they can make a way for themselves. Supporters behind the program have a very good reason to push for this type of testing. In recent months, the state of Kansas has recorded data of people using government funded assistance at liquor stores, casinos, baseball parks, and even cruise ships. Drug testing someone who is getting assistance is not denying them their liberties, but keeping them honest in order to keep the public assistance program credible. There are sure to be debates over the next few months regarding the legislation.