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Talk Fusion Continues To Improve Its Groundbreaking Technology

In recent news, Talk Fusion, a communications and technology company, announced that they have recently released a new edition of Live Meetings. Live Meetings is an app that allows for a seamless user interface for video conferencing. This new version makes communications through video even more advanced and user-friendly. Talk Fusion’s founder, Bob Reina broke the news in an online broadcast.


Talk Fusion allows up to 15 hosts and 500 participants and users can connect through their mobile device or PC. This newer version does not require any downloads in order to use its recording technology which eliminates the need to download programs such as Flash Player or other video software. The new software is known as WebRTC. This new technology is great for not only businesses, but for individuals who want to stay connected. The software is great for both experienced users, as well as novices. The quality of the video and sound are also top of the line, which makes this the perfect software for anyone who plans to use video conferencing.


Bob Reina developed the idea for Talk Fusion in 2004 when he wanted to send a video via email, but the video file was too large for AOL to send. He knew there had to be a solution that everyone could appreciate. He found an engineer and IT specialist and pitched the idea. The two developed what is now Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion was pitched through a direct sales model that really helped boost the brand and create a steady stream of new customers. After improvements and additions through the last several years, Talk Fusion has become one of the fastest growing communications companies in the world. Learn more:


Bob Reina is a graduate from the University of South Florida and has worked with several companies in direct sales before creating Talk Fusion. In his spare time, Bob Reina works to help the less fortunate and to help further animal rights causes.