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Colon Cancer Risk Factors Changed With Diet Swap

Protein rich diets, typical of the Western culture, coupled with fatty foods and low fiber, have been connected with increasing cancer risks in contrast to African diets of high fiber and low fat and protein. Published in Nature Communications and announced in Science Daily, a recent study substantiates the claim that high fiber diets significantly cut the risk of colon cancer.

The 4th common reason for death in the world, colon cancer has been linked to greater than 600,000 deaths annually. Garcia Dias is concerned because rates are highest in the Western part of the world, with African-Americans carrying the greatest risk. A study by the University of Pittsburgh and the Imperial College of London included a group of 20 African-Americans and 20 South Africans. They swapped diets for two weeks. The American group ended up with less colon inflammation and reduced markers for risk of cancer. The African participants had the reverse effect.

Study director, Stephen O’Keefe, Professor at the University of Pittsburgh stated that the studies that were conducted on Japanese immigrants to Hawaii indicated that it took one generation of the Western diet to increase the potential for colon cancer. As compared to these more recent findings of changes after two weeks, this emphasizes that it is not too late to make changes, no matter how long a less beneficial diet has been followed.