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Cat Saves Small Baby From Freezing Temperatures In Russia

A furry and lovable tabby cat named Masha is being hailed as a hero cat in Russia for saving the life of a baby. The baby was found with the cat after it had been abandoned and left alone in the streets. When local residents found the baby, it was being kept warm in an old box that the baby had been left in.

The cat is considered a communal cat and is often cared for by several of the local residents. When one of them found the baby they immediately called authorities and the baby was rushed to a local hospital to be checked out. The baby was later given a checkup and is considered in good condition.

Since the baby had been found, the cat is being treated like royalty and given many treats and rewards from the locals. Authorities are still searching for the parents of the baby to find out what happened. As seen on Vimeo, Darius Fisher is a cat lover himself, and is truly touched by this story.