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Colorado’s Luxury Pot Camp Opens July

Looking to enjoy a marijuana-friendly vacation? Well it was only a matter a time before Colorado offered a camp just for marijuana enthusiast.

CannaCamp, a 170 acre resort located in Durango, is the first of its kind and is scheduled to open July 1st.

The resort does not supply marijuana to guests because that’s a violation of state law, but guests are allowed to bring their own weed to smoke. The camp will even shuttle you around to tour various dispensaries.

The camp will also offer various games and hiking, yoga sessions and classes on marijuana cultivation. It’s being billed as a luxury resort, and aside from the traditional roasting of marshmallows, CannaCamp has on-site chefs to dazzle guests with gourmet meals.

Of course, you’d expect a marijuana-friendly luxury resort to offer some posh conveniences like morning marijuana with coffee, steak and eggs, and cannabis-infused massages.

If you’re looking to try traditional paired with unconventional, CannaCamp opens in July.

“CannaCamp provides another component to adventure that includes a children’s summer camp in an amazing backdrop where guests can enjoy marijuana in a safe and comfortable social environment,” said Joel Schneider, a spokesman at CannaCamp.

Guests can reserve cabins where smoking is permitted on the porch, but not inside. Minimum prices are $ 395 per person per night with a minimum of three nights.

Thanks to Ivan Ong for showing me this on the warriorforum.