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New Posture Guide Infographic Released by North American Spine

As reported on PR Newswire North American Spine has recently released an infographic containing vital information on practicing good posture. North American Spine are exclusive providers of a spinal surgery procedure known as AccuraScope. This procedure is minimally invasive ans has been used to help deal with chronic back pain in patients. The popular procedure has been done 8,000 times and is always carried out by board certified physicians who specialize in helping patients with interventional pain management techniques. The success rate of this procedure is 80% and on average patients save $23,190 over a 5 year period using this method.

The infographic itself has a lot of useful information not just for people suffering from back pain but for people in general. For example, it has a section on how to improve posture when sitting as well as standing. On top of this it also has a section outlining how to properly lift objects so as not to strain one’s back during the process. It should also be noted that the info graphic posts sources for all the information listed to ensure that readers are able to trust the accuracy of it.

It should also be mentioned that North American Spine is celebrating six years of providing back pain patients relieve using the AccuraScope method. The procedure is outpatient and typically lasts only about 45 minutes. It uses special cameras to scan the spine for indications of issues that could be causing pain. Once something is found the physician can then go in using advanced tools to treat the problem quickly, and accurately. This new technology is what has led to the high success rate of the procedure. Dr. Darren Schuhmacher mentioned that he was pleased with the results and happy to be able to help people get lasting relief from their back pain.

For more information on North American Spine and their new infographic, click here.

The Life and Times of Sam Tabar

People are always asked when they are children what they wish to be when they grow up. The answers vary, with some of the most common answers being police officer, firefighter, doctor, nurse or star athlete. Attorney and capital strategist usually aren’t on the list, but after looking at the life Sam Tabar has led that may change.

 Sam Tabar has cultivated his interests into a life and career most people would envy. Very talented academically, Sam was accepted into the prestigious Oxford University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and graduated with Honors near the top of his class. After earning his Bachelor’s degree, Sam decided he wanted to study law and was accepted into Columbia Law School.

Tabar’s eye for business  was first noticed when he became Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. This allowed Sam to gain further expertise in business law, And today, his business acumen is widely recognized by the mainstream, in fact, just last week CNBC released an article revealing Sam Tabar’s investment tips for the new year.

Due to his performance at Columbia, Sam was in high demand by a number of the world’s most influential law firms. After much consideration, Sam chose to accept an Associate position with the firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP and worked with clients on a number of issues related to hedge funds.

For three years, Sam counseled clients on such topics as hedge fund structure and formation, compliance issues, employment situations and many other topics. Yet while he excelled in his position, he wanted to do more with hedge funds, which is how Tabar became a key player in structural hedge fund development initiatives with the Sparx Group where he was responsible for a $2 billion project. Working with both individuals and institutional investors, Sam eventually compiled a list of almost 2,500 investors for the fund. Along with this, he helped his firm raise well over $1 billion in additional assets, which led to him being given even greater responsibility. In fact, Sam became so valuable to the business that its founding partners and CEO asked him to be actively involved in many of the firm’s major decisions regarding business development and investor relations.

The life of Sam Tabar has been one filled with challenges and accomplishment, and is one that will continue to be fascinating in the years ahead. Fluent in a variety of foreign languages including French and Japanese. I keep up with Sam through Twitter and currently he expects to continue his world travels while also staying actively involved in hedge fund management. Always a man that never turns away from hard work, the years ahead of Sam promise to be filled with continued challenges that he will conquer.

The Beneful Brand For Dogs

We care about our animals immensely, and we’d do anything that would help benefit their overall health and happiness. They quickly become a member of the family, and turn into children for most. You want them treated with respect and for them to live up to their full potential, and to allow them to bring everyone as much happiness and positivity as possible.

Dogs are truly a man’s best friend, so don’t you want your best friend to have the best possible meal on their platter? Beneful dog food has been leading the business and the market with its brand of wet and dry dog food since 2001, and has been going strong ever since.

The Nestle Purina Petcare worldwide brand features wet and dry foods, and even treats for your pups. It has brought in more than $1.5 billion dollars in annual revenue, and was rated the fourth most popular dog food brand.

Beneful, which means “full of goddness”, was marketed specifically for the nutritional value for dogs everywhere. Beneful even features a completely vegetarian option (Healthy Harvest product line) that uses soy instead of meat, which was added four years after the original start up of brand.

By 2006, Beneful already had 300 million in revenues, and was constantly modifying and upgrading their facilities and the look of the product to keep up with demand and to appeal to every type of owner.

In 2011, Beneful made more waves by being the first company to advertise directly towards pets. What does this mean, exactly? They aired ads in Austria that had noises that were only sensitive to the hearing of dogs, meaning only they could hear it. This was a big step in the means of advertising.

Their dry dog food has different flavors that are for:

• Healthy smile
• Healthy Weight
• Healthy Fiesta
• Healthy Growth for Puppies
• Healthy Radiance
• A playful life

And of course they have the original flavor, and even IncrediBites, which are packed with protein, grains, and vitamin-rich vegetables to help your dog grow stronger.
Their prepared meals have featured flavors and makeups such as:

• Beef
• Chicken
• Prok
• Lamb
• Turkey
• Roasted Chicken
• Beef & Chicken
• Roasted Turkey
• Beef and Chicken Stew
• Rice and Lamb
• Simmered Beef or Simmered Chicken
• Hearty Roasters Beef

Their canned dog food features most of the same flavors as the prepared meals. And the snacks feature similar flavors as well, but also include bacon & cheese, chicken & cheese, and other fun flavors that will acquire to any pups taste!

Skout Travel Feature

Skout is a mobile application used to network with other individuals and for expanding your social circle in a safe and friendly virtual environment. A popular feature of Skout is Skout Travel which is the newest and most popular feature for individuals interested in easily connecting with locals while traveling to destination around the world. People on Twitter are really happy about this news coming out.
The Skout Travel feature also shared some interesting findings in terms of the places an average user visits and found coastal areas are most popular with its members. The most popular cities for its users to visit on the East Coast were Miami and New York. The most heavily visited cities on the West Coast were San Francisco and Seattle. It also found that Hong Kong is one of the most popular destinations and that women are more likely to use the new service to connect with new friends and locals when traveling. Many of it users love the new feature for finding out from locals about great values in terms of food and lodging.
According to the PR Newswire, Skout Travel has been used over 10 million times since its release 15 months ago. The Travel feature allows users to search for people by entering a place they want to visit and they are instantly connected with people living in the location. This allows travelers the chance to network and form relationships with people as they are traveling or before they go to a certain destination. Since the new Travel feature from Skout surpassed 10 million the company is offering the service for free from June 15, 2015 to June 17, 2015. The free service will only be available for 48 hours but many users will decide to continue using Skout and the Travel feature after they get a chance to take it for a test ride.
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