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Todd Lubar: Excellent Customer Service

When it comes to business success, those who reach the top use different skills. For Arthur Becker, those skills of knowledge, experience, and dealing with many different people has resulted in unprecedented business success. From commercial real estate investing to creating high-tech companies, he has become known as one of the great business minds of the past several decades. For those who wonder how people such as Arthur reach these heights, a recent interview of Todd Lubar showed great insight into how much these two have in common.


For Todd Lubar, business success started to come rather soon after graduating from Syracuse University. Working for Crestar Mortgage as a commercial lender, Todd used his excellent business knowledge, along with his customer service skills, to help numerous people realize their financial goals. Later on, he accepted a position with Legacy Financial, where he continued on his journey to success. While with Legacy, he helped the firm increase its loan volume by hundreds of millions of dollars annually, turning the firm into one of the most successful worldwide companies. For more details visit Crunchbase.


However, after spending years working for others, Todd decided it was time to pursue his dream of starting his own business. Thus, he set out on his own and formed TDL Ventures. A real estate development business, Todd’s goal was to help each and every customer become financially independent. In doing so, Todd taught his customers the important details needed to help them secure financing for various real estate deals. Always a person who has been determined to stay motivated even through the tough times of starting a business, Todd used this to assist his customers as well. By always encouraging customers to constantly look ahead and use the best possible financial planning tools available to them, Todd helped person after person reach and often exceed their financial expectations. Check out LinkedIn to see more.


Always a person to use his skills and knowledge to help others, Todd Lubar continues to learn as much as he can about the financial industry. By doing so, he will be able to build TDL Ventures into an even bigger and better company.



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Matthew Autterson’s Path to Bioscience

With a degree in finance, Matthew Autterson knew he would have many different opportunities. What he didn’t know is that he would actually have the chance to be the CEO of a bioscience company. The CNS Bioscience company is one that has a lot of different things they do. They work in different areas and they provide people with relief for neuropathic pain. There have been many advances that Matthew Autterson has pushed through and that he has tried to always give to people as the CEO of the company. In addition, Matthew Autterson knows there are different things he needs to do to keep making the company better than some of the other competitors in the industry. Visit This Page for related information.


For the company, looking at new opportunities and new ways to provide treatment are the most important parts of the business. Matthew Autterson wants to make sure he is doing everything right and that means he needs to give back to the community instead of focusing on how he can help other people who may not need that type of help. For Matthew Autterson, this means he needs to try different things while he is working in the industry.


As long as there are new advances in medicine, Matthew Autterson is going to keep providing people with the help they need. He also knows there are different things he’s going to have to do if he wants a chance for a solid future with the company. While it may not always be the best decision to try new things with a bioscience company, Matthew Autterson sees there is a lot of value in the help he is giving to other people. It has allowed him the chance to make more money and give back to the community he has always tried to help. As a supporter of the Denver Zoo, Matthew Autterson knows what it takes to give people what they are looking for.


Even when Matthew Autterson is trying to work, he is giving back to the community. He is a philanthropist and that’s what has allowed him the chance to show others the right way to act in different situations. In addition, He tries to always show people they are going to have the help they need because he is an expert. For Matthew Autterson, this is part of the business and part of what has allowed him to make more money. Matthew Autterson knows philanthropy is an important part of his career in every area of the business he works.


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Marc Sparks: Looking for a Venture Capitalists

All companies need some money to start. Everyone who owns a company will at one point hit a certain point where they will not have adequate funds to take things into the other level without getting funds from other outside forces. When a business person reaches this point, the best thing is to look for venture capitalists that will bring the financial assistance needed. However, businessmen do not have to just ask for the money they need. Venture capitalists will need to look for several features before they can decide to offer you their money. Learn more:


Marc Sparks is one of the most successful venture capitalists in the United States. Mark Sparks has been in the industry for a very long time, and he has understood what a potential businessman needs to become profitable. Sparks doesn’t support all the individuals who come to him. He has a special way of selecting the people who have excellent ideas. The businessman has a team of professionals who will consider the following when selecting the company to fund.


Proprietary or unique services


If the businessman has something unique, then they will be considered because whatever they are offering will not be easily found in the market. This is one of the best ways to attract venture capitalists to your business. The capitalists need to see that they will get a return on the investment they make. A product or service that is easily available in the market will not be ideal because it is not attractive. Show the investors that you have something new that is not replicated, and you will never regret. Learn more:


If you already making sales, use that data


Some companies seek more funds when they are already in the market. If you are in this unique category, then you will need money to increase the ability to reach all the customers. It is possible to use the sale data in your hand to proof that your product or service is already in demand. Show them that the product you are dealing with is something everyone is clamoring for, and you will be shocked at the huge impact you will have made. Experts say that this is one of the tried and tasted ways of getting venture capitalists support.


Clear cut strategy for how their funds will help your business


When looking for a venture capitalist for your company, this is actually one of the most important things. You need to show these investors how their money will be used to improve your business. This is the excellent opportunity for you to prove to them that you already have a great business idea and strategy that only lacks enough funds. These individuals believe that presentation means everything, so make sure that you give a detailed presentation. Learn more:


Insightful facts about Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a great innovator, proven leader, politician, and advocate. She has profoundly contributed to an excellent education system in the United States, and through the various innovations, she has made in the education sector many children have now achieved their dreams. Born in 1958, Betsy started her career while in college where she played various political roles in the school’s groups. She is currently the secretary for education in the United States and has a great passion for education. Betsy has been working hard to enact change in all sectors to improve the living standards of every individual in the United States.Also, She has played a significant role in creating a conducive environment for every person in the United States to give them an opportunity to thrive regardless of their social class and standards.

Betsy has played various roles as part of her career, and she formerly served as the representative of The Windquest Group, which is a privately held investment and management firm that focuses on providing diversified consumer service and product portfolio. Betsy has been active in politics for over thirty-five years, and she was elected in the Michigan Republican Party to serve as the chairman of the party. Besides her election in the party four times, Betsy has served many roles in various other forums including campaigns, political committees, and party organizations among others. Her political targets are currently to advance educational forums and develop strategies to improve the education sector.

Betsy believes that education is one of the major basics in an individual’s life and she strives to ensure that every child in the United States receives a quality education to better their future. Besides, Betsy works towards providing most of the required materials to children for education to ensure that even the most unfortunate ones get access to education. She has created various educational forums to mentor and encourages scholars to keep working hard towards achieving their goals for a better life.On the other hand, Betsy is passionate about giving back to the community and together with her husband; they have launched many scholarships as well as mentorship programs to cater for the education needs of students, particularly those that come from poor backgrounds. As a result, she has helped to improve the living standards as well as the scholars in schools and enabled many people to achieve their dreams. Betsy has also served in many local and international boards including American Enterprise Institute, Art prize among others. She has also helped to fund many schools in the United States and recently contributed to the development of the aviation focused charter school that is near Grand Rapids.

Dr. Chris Villanueva- An Inspiration to Young Dentists

Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental Solutions, an organization formed to help doctors to provide the excellent dental care to their patients. The Texas-based dental management firm was established to give management services to affiliated dental practices. After graduating from dental school, Chris who was an active practitioner in dentistry, thought of the idea to create a model where both corporate and private dental practices could work together to deliver excellent dental care. He noted that graduates are often faced with the two alternatives after graduating- to set up a private dental practice or join a large group of dentists already in practice. Having spent a considerable amount of time in the private and corporate dental care practice, he was well equipped with knowledge of what is required to pull together resources and support without compromising the integrity of his profession. MB2 Dental Solutions has since grown to support practitioners in more than seventy affiliated institutions in six states and has employed 533 employees. The company recently announced it would set up a new branch office for Picasso Dental and Orthodontics in Seagoville Texas. Visit to know more.

What is unique about the Dental Management Network?

Most dental practice management establishments are dull and rather conservative. MB2, however, introduces new perspectives i.e. focusing more on people, not just the profit margins. Dr. Chris states that the company is based on the premise of autonomy, personal growth, support, and having fun. The firm campaigns for improvements in dental practices that benefit the patients, not to mention the innovations that promote enhanced operations and facilitate organic growth of the business.

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About Chris Villanueva

Though born in Ohio, Chris spent a significant part of his life in South America and Asia. After his high school in Caracas Venezuela, he joined a dental school after which he worked as an associate in private practice. His experience at the practice spawned the idea to create the dental organization. Dr. Villanueva had worked for years as an associate dentist, an advocate for doctor-focused practice model, and an associate dentist trainer before starting his practice where he is the CEO of MB2 Dental Solutions. His unique insight into the business and provider side of dentistry allowed him to ensure that all profit-oriented guidance does not compromise the integrity of the practice. Apart from his executive duties at the company, Dr. Chris Villanueva enjoys training and mentoring new dentists about their options after graduating. Dr. Villanueva is married to Carol, a physician who owns a practice in Northern Texas, and the two have four lovely children.

An Entrepreneur With Vision, John Goullet Sets the High Bar for IT

John Goullet is synonymous with success for entrepreneurs, having worked on both ends of the staffing and consulting side in the IT industry with many years of experience behind him. His promising career began as an IT consultant and in 1994, John Goullet made the decision to branch out into a higher position as an IT staffer. This transition marked the beginning of his burgeoning success in the IT marketplace, since it gave him the kind of varied experience to see things from two different perspectives.

All that was left at that point was for Goullet to apply what he knew of the budding industry trends in the technology industry and from that way of thinking, he founded a major IT staffing company used across the country by some of the nation’s leading fortune 500 companies, Info Technologies. Through John Goullet’s leadership the company thrived in the marketplace, landing it at a net worth of $30 million in only five short years and making it one of Inc. Magazine’s top private firms experiencing rapid growth.

Being the visionary that he is, John Goullet found the most promise in furthering his company’s success by combining Info Technologies with Diversant, Inc, leading to the company to change from Diversant, Inc, to Diversant, LLC, with john at the head in the position of Principal. Utilizing his brilliance as a seasoned leader and vision chasing entrepreneur, John has demonstrated nothing short of impressive leadership qualities in steering Diversant, inc, in the right direction on many occasions.

Even in times of economic struggle, the company has seen nothing but growth under his influence. Through his practice of careful discipline and pride in his work, the company has received its reputation as the largest African-American ran company in the US. Diversant holds a minority certification with pride and is considered one of the most quality companies in the market to do so.

Working as the Principle of Diversant, John Goullet has continued to hold the mantra behind the company in high regard. Not only for himself, but for his co-workers and those who are employed as affiliates of the company the states over.

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Living the High Life

There are many people today who have money to spare and who want to spend that extra money on lifestyle choices. Magnises is a company that helps people who want to take their life to the next level. This is a club of people who are wealthy, and who value lifestyle over everything else. There are a lot of perks that come with being in this club. If you want to accelerate your success in life, it is a good idea to be around people who are already having success in a variety of areas. This is why so many people are excited about their new offers. Billy McFarland founded Magnises several years ago, and he has watched with joy as his company has grown rapidly in recent years.


When it comes to luxury, there are plenty of different things to spend your time and money on. The great thing about Magnises is that you are part of a community that gives you exclusive access to special events on the east coast. Do you want to go to a concert and go back stage? Your black Magnises card can help you get there. This is just one example of the great benefits that go along with being in this exclusive club. This is not something that just anyone can join. You have to have a track record of success and a sizable net worth. Let’s take a look at all of the people who are in this club.

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One of the best ways to have fun in life is to have the money to do whatever you want. Looking at the average person in the Magnises club, it is obvious that they have money to spare. After the last recession, a lot of people were wiped out because of their bad financial dealings. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, you need to make sure you are financially responsible. There are a lot of people who are building wealth the right way who are in Magnises. Start today by making choices that will align you with other people in the club, and one day you may be able to join as well.

Future Plans

In the future, Magnises will continue to grow in popularity. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to everything that this company can offer. With all of the perks that come along with being in this club, it is a no brainer to join Magnises if you qualify. You need to be able to afford some pretty lavish trips, and you need the freedom to leave whenever you can. Over the long term, Magnises is a great way to experience the world for people who are curious. If you want some more adventure in your life, this is a great way to get started. There are a lot of people who are looking to join the club over the next few years.

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David Osio Invites His Executive Team To Launch Useful Real Estate Application

Real estate is a industry that has been growing tremendously over the past few years and different companies have entered into this field. Investors have been looking for the right information to connect with the companies they are able to trust and this is one of the roles the Davos Real Estate Group has been doing. Through support from the founder and CEO, David Osio, the group has continued to grow and open more subsidiaries across Venezuela.


Recent developments highlight the launch of a new application that will help to connect clients with the property they are looking for. The new system is designed to offer users an easy way to deal with orders while connecting to properties that are designed to cater for their needs. David Osio presided over the launch of the application and described the process as a great idea that will make the company better by improving the way they deal with the needs of clients.


Unlike in the traditional fashion where one had to travel all the way to the main offices, the company has come up with a service that will connect users through a simple chain that eliminates all the difficult and long processes that can delay the execution of tasks. It took six months to design and develop the application simply because the company wanted to come up with something that would solve all the problems presented by their clients using one platform.


Additionally, the IT team integrated the most powerful design technology and the latest ideas in real estate to enhance the usefulness of the application. They also looked into security and selected an encryption system that is strong and designed to prevent unauthorized access.


About David Osio

As an accomplished expert in law and financial matters, David Osio works the President and CEO of Davos Financial Group. He launched the company in 1993 and has worked on building it to attain its current market share. The company offers asset management and advisory services to individuals in the financial sector.


Before David Osio launched his company, he worked with several firms including Banco Latino International, where he held a position as their Vice President in the Commercial Banking division. His effort has allowed him to develop a rich portfolio that has attracted more clients to his company. His leadership has focused on creating better products and this is something he seems to have achieved.

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Kenneth Goodgame Helps True Value Look Their Best

Kenneth Goodgame is the senior vice president of merchandising at True Value, and he is in a very unique position where people will be able to enjoy the work that he does every time they come into a store. He wanted to make sure that True Value was going to look its best, and the only way to make this work was to be sure that every store can give people an experience that will remind them of the times they had in the stores when they were younger. There are a lot of people who get to feel renewed when they come to True Value because it is so special and rustic.

The rustic feeling of the stores makes them look back to a time that they were in the store with their parents or their grandparents. The stores have the modern touches that are needed to make them functional for people today, but they are not so massive and overdone that people cannot shop in them. Kenneth Goodgame made the True Value name a lot easier for people to relate because he made it so that people could actually enjoy it for the first time in a long time.

True Value and Kenneth Goodgame are making the hardware store game a lot easier by making sure that they all look like they came from another time. It is a lot easier for people to show in a place like this because it will make them feel like they are not being hurried through a large store. This is a victory for Kenneth Goodgame, and it helps the company has a niche that other companies cannot have. True Value has been set apart because of the way that they are merchandised due in large part to Kenneth Goodgame and his work.

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James Dondero Announces Huge Challenge Grant

James Dondero made an appearance at the Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon Banquet last week. During this appearance, Dondero announced that his investment firm, Highland Capital Management, would be providing a $1 million challenge grant to The Family Place. The charitable organization helps victims of domestic violence in the Dallas area. The donation is what is known as a challenge grant. The firm will match the donations from any other entity at up to 50%. They are going to match donations up to the amount of $1 million. The challenge is an attempt to motivate philanthropists in Dallas to donate. The long-term goal is for the Family Place’s legacy campaign to reach their six-month goal of $2.8 million.

The grant is doing its job so far. The Legacy Campaign received an additional $200,000 in funding in just the first three days after Dondero made the announcement. The campaign seeks these funds to help them build a 13-room shelter. The Family Place also plans to build free dental and medical clinics in Dallas for victims of domestic abuse.

James Dondero has 3 decades of experience working in investing. He has spent most of this time working in markets revolving around credit. He is currently the President and CEO of Highland Capital Management, a company that he co-founded. Highland Capital has been in existence since 1993 and provides clients with just about any financial product available.

Mr. Dondero graduated with degrees in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia. He graduated with high honors. Since then, the financier has worked in various capacities for a litany of different financial companies. In 1993, after years working for other people, he decided to go out on his own and start Highland Capital. Dondero also serves on the board of many different businesses and charities. His most notable position is board member at MGM studios.