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Jeunesse Products Are Assisting People From All Backgrounds

People from all walks of life have tried Jeunesse products, and they all have nothing but great things to say about every product. Jeunesse has approximately 12 main products for sale, and they are expecting to have more soon.

One product that was raved about most was Reserve. Reserve is a drink filled with hundreds of proteins and vitamins that fight against anything trying to harm the body. Instead of focusing on one area, Reserve focuses on the entire body. This is why it is so unique to customers. Made from all-natural ingredients, Reserve comes with a beautiful berry taste, and it is healthy enough to take the place of one whole meal. Follow Jeunesse Global on Facebook.

An additional product being raved about is NV. NV is a product created for women. It contains a patented ingredient created by Jeunesse called APT-200. APT-200 was put together by leading scientists who focus solely on medicine. This element gives the skin a youthful look. It also colors the skin a bit and gives it an airbrush feature. This cream is easily applied, and women from around the globe are beginning to try it.

In addition to NV, Jeunesse Global has also created a product called Luminesce. Luminesce contains all the ingredients of NV including APT-200, but Luminesce also contains specific ingredients to make a woman’s skin look younger every day. Read more about Jeunesse Global at Bloomberg.

The creators of Jeunesse, Randy and Wendy, started the company in 2009. They purposely chose 2009 because they believe the number 9 symbolizes living healthy and living a long life. Randy and Wendy felt like they were aging too fast, so they wanted to develop products to cause the human skin to revert to its original state, but they did not want to use any chemicals are anything artificial in their products.

Randy and Wendy hired the best medical practitioners and scientists, and they developed Jeunesse, which is now the largest online platform for health products.


“Not Armageddon, Not A Lehman Brothers Moment”, Says Kyle Bass, “But Watch Out For China”

What is Kyle Bass doing with China right now? The hedge fund manager who became famous for short-selling sub-prime mortgages prior 2008’s American Wall Street collapse, now historically known as the “Great Recession”, is currently setting his sights on China. Bass has aimed at this country in one way or another for the last nine, ten months. October saw him publicly stating an expectation for Chinese financial collapse. Several months ago, he said he didn’t see a “Lehman Brothers Moment” for China, but he did predict within two to three years it would collapse, and that there was a forty to fifty percent likelihood that collapse would hit in 2016. Then Bass said that if China allowed the devaluation of their currency to take place in a “material” way, Asian markets would be some of the best investments going forward. So, basically, what Bass is saying is that the future is up in the air, and there’s no way to tell what’s going to happen. But he wants investors to invest a certain way, so he’s dressing the truth up such that it panics the inexperienced. Bass said it wouldn’t be “Armageddon”, but he sees a buyout coming. Since America’s economy is intimately tied to China’s at present, according to Bass financial consequences will hit the United States.

It’s possible Kyle Bass is in earnest, but Useful Stooges feels it’s more likely he’s got an angle. CAD is the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. It’s a pseudo-humanitarian organization acting for Bass as a front to push legalisms through which force big-ticket pharmaceutical companies to decimate prices, thus diminishing their stock value and allowing him to control a short-sell operation that ends up making millions. If he’s willing to defraud sick people of the research and development funds which such pharmaceutical companies must suspend in order to maintain operations, and thus the near breakthroughs that could be just days away, then he’s certainly willing to deceive investors.

But Bass may have overlooked something about China. Their economy is built on 1.357 billion people locally, and many millions more tangentially in surrounding countries.

Drive Halts

For the past few years, the communities and businesses North of Lake Tahoe have suffered the brunt of both nature and what Andy Wirth terms as divisive political activism. It all started with an epic drought that swept through the land bringing with it devastating effects on the small businesses and winter resorts that rely on them. These include the Squaw Valley resort and some of the most popular winter sports terrains in North America.
In an article published by Reno-Gazette journal, the situation was further aggravated by the incorporation suit brought against the Olympic Valley communities. This case lasted four long years pitting the incorporation backers led by Fred Ilfield against the Olympic Valley communities. The communities and their interests were represented by the Squaw-Alpine resort CEO, Andy Wirth, who saw the incorporation move as a threat to the business and civic climate in the valley.
Wirth described the incorporation as a long-term threat to the survival of the valley communities and businesses therein. He noted that such incorporation would serve to increase taxes on the valley businesses making it difficult to open up a business or a operate one in Tahoe. According to Wirth, this would also lead to a decrease on the services that people depend on for survival such as road maintenance and snow plowing.
It, therefore, came as a relief to the Olympic Valley residents when the incorporation sympathizers decided to withdraw their case. It also served double relief to the Valley businesses as the winter season storms and colds came in earlier than anticipated and thus the opening of the various resorts across Tahoe including Wirth’s Squaw-valley resort. Wirth also mentioned that case was quite divisive and called on the Tahoe Valley residents to see the dropping of the case as a chance for healing.
About Andy Wirth
Andy began his career in as an intern with the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in 1986. For over 20 years, Andy has been working with the company in its marketing department in various roles until 2006 when the company was purchased by Intrawest. This saw Andy elevated to the position of the company’s Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of sales. In 2010, he joined Squaw Valley Ski Resort as CEO where he serves up to date.

Every One Is Cashing In New York

When you call it comes to real estate it can be a dicey shuffle. Basically the demand cannot for real estate cannot be created, but in the city of New York it is different. According to The Real Deal which is New York real estate news, New York is a city that is in constant demand for NYC apartments for rent. Fredrik Eklund is a broker at Douglas Elliman broker and he also is on the TV show Million-Dollar Listings New York. He says that one of the things that he tries to do to get his clients to buy a home in New York is to put the idea in their minds that they have not gained true success in life unless they own a home in New York. In reality that tactic has worked, because many people from the rich and famous have apartments in New York City.

Chinese residential buyers are cashing in on this very well-known and real estate rich city. Chinese residential buyers can be price-sensitive, and at the same time it is very difficult for them to get financing, and since that is the case it is important for them to come with a lot of cash down in the beginning. Many Chinese buyers, according to residential CEO Andrew Herberger, want to spend anything from $800,000-$2 million on an apartment. These are individuals that are interested in buying homes in New York because they have proven to be great investments.

There was the first ever real estate showcase and forum in Shanghai. Generally Chinese have not been that interested in United States real estate, but obviously with the popularity of New York and of their apartments their mind has changed. This conversation about the new trend for Chinese investors to look at New York real estate was moderated by the editor in chief of TRD, Stuart Elliott. The panelists talked a lot about the reasons why Chinese were interested in New York housing, and the conversation also shifted into them talking about their personal dream homes in New York City as well.

Town Residential is a very well-known luxury real estate service firm. Town Residential is the leading luxury’s real estate service firm in all of New York City. It was founded in 2010 and they have been able to help very many high-end investors and clients to find their dream home or apartment in many of the prestigious boroughs of New York City. Town Residential comes with a very strong team of executive leaders, individuals that work in new development, marketing and leasing. Town has locations in Gramercy, the financial district, Fifth Avenue, and Astor Place.

Houston Real Estate Market Remains Volatile

When you are looking for property to buy, the first element that needs to be evaluated is your calculated price range. Depending on where you choose to live in the city of Houston, your bottom-line price will ultimately be affected. Suppose you want to live in downtown Houston where the population is very dense and filled to the brim with wealthy elites who are willing to spend a fortune on living rights in the center of the city’s bustling nightlife in one of the metropolitan areas most luxurious high-rise buildings. Property of this magnitude tends to cost an enormous amount when compared with a much larger house in a suburb of Houston, which coincidently may offer more bedrooms and greater amenities.

You must ask yourself what is your intent with the property you plan on purchasing. Are you attempting to build a family in one of Houston’s finest suburbs or are you looking to buy a condo in a high-rise building in downtown Houston? The location of your purchase makes all the difference.

People flocking the city of Houston in droves is driving the prices of Houston’s real estate through the roof. Houston real estate is still extremely affordable for homeowners, as long as they have a minimum of $160,000 to spend on a home. All things considered, it is probably ideal to invest in Houston real estate as soon as possible in order to stake your claim on a vastly undervalued property in the city affectionately referred to as ‘America’s hidden jewel.’

The nature of the marketplace is quite astounding, as the prices and value of Houston’s vastly undervalued property continues to rise. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, a lot of citizens of Louisiana moved to Houston Texas, essentially driving the overall price of the cities property higher and higher.

As home of the world’s most profound museums and NASA space Station, real estate investors predict that as the prices will continue to be driven higher and higher, some predicting Houston’s prices to reflect those of California’s, making it difficult for people to buy their Houston dream home, although the market may reflect an ability for you to afford a home in Houston today.

Haidar Barbouti is an influential real estate investor who established himself as one of the premier commercial real estate property developers and owners in the southern hemisphere of the United States America.

His business model has completely reinvigorated the way that people in Houston Texas do business every day with his assorted inspirational contributions to causes that he has chosen to publicly endorse with his gold standard name.

Known as a man who puts others before himself, he often donates free office space to nonprofit organizations looking to expand their outreach efforts in aiding the eradicating of poverty.

The Rising Success of Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is in the headlines quite a bit these days, and it is clear to see why. This Man is a shining example of rags to riches. Eswaran originates from a rather poverty-stricken section of Asia. At The Moment That he was born his family did not have much money, On the surface, his future would appear bleak. However, contrary to appearances, Vijay Eswaran has become a leader in the Asian business realm. He is showing himself to be a success by becoming the CEO of QNET, a direct merchandising company. Moreover, Vijay Eswaran is the founder of this multi-million dollar firm. He established it in 1998. Additionally Mr. Eswaran is CEO of Qi Group based in Hong Kong. This is a 2,000-employee conglomerate with one million clients in 190 nations.

In addition to his performance in the sphere of commerce and philanthropy, Mr. Eswaran likewise finds the opportunity to turn his concentration to writing books centered on his opinions on management. He is the writer of the extremely successful bestselling book on life management named “In the Sphere of Silence.” Eswaran is additionally the author of three other publications entitled “In the Thinking Zone,” “18 Stepping Stones” and “On the Wings of Thought.” This Man is a frequent contributor to numerous newspapers in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Vijay Eswaran earned an award for “Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership” during the 18th Malaysian Education Summit.

Vijay Eswaran, which is pronounced Veejay Eshwuhrn, is not a well-known personage in the USA, although he is a CEO and spiritual guide throughout Asia. Mr. Eswaran creates the impression that he recognized from the very beginning that he wanted to pursue endeavors of business. Born on October seventh in the year 1960 to a father and mother of Indian ancestry. Eswaran grew up in Malaysia before moving to England where he would obtain a degree in economics from the London School of Economics. Next, Eswaran chose to come to the United States of America to study and receive his M.B.A. in 1986 from Southern Illinois University.

Vijay Eswaran has a history of work in the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia, and Australia. QNET has evolved dramatically in a very brief period. It now serves a worldwide market. People around the world know Eswaran as one of the most respected and well-loved entrepreneurs of Asia. He enjoys a reputation spanning across Europe and North America. Moreover, Mr. Eswaran is a motivational speaker. He appears for speaking engagements worldwide covering a broad assortment of topics. Vijay Eswaran is also very passionate about philanthropy, and he has established the RHYTHM Foundation.