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Boraie Development: Towards Realization of a Dream Skyline in New Brunswick

In an article published through on June 2017, it was noted that New Jersey is standing on the verge of ushering a new era in real estate development. Since the end of Great Recession, the state has posted significant positive steps towards stabilizing its real estate industry. This has been marked by the number of foreclosure dropping significantly while more people are taking residential mortgages. The significantly high demand for real estate properties in the state has been helped in part by the high rate of employment and an increase in the number of households. Moreover, house prices and rents have increased over the years.


With many property developers shelving many properties to wait for higher market prices, there is a growing demand for residential and commercial properties. However, many towns close to the New Jersey Transit station have seen the prices, demand and supply of properties skyrocket. These trends have been driven by proximity to the transit station and economists predict that the rest of New Jersey will follow suit with the growing number of new jobs created, which will drive demand and prices for properties. This will force property developers to release the shelved properties into the market. Moreover, it will encourage property developers such as Boraie Development to develop properties that suit the new generation of property buyers.


Company Profile


According to, Boraie Development was founded in 1972 by Omar Boraie as a platform to realize dream of transforming the skylines of American cities with New Brunswick as the pilot city. Having traveled overseas for several years, Mr. Boraie envisioned a new era of real estate development in the city characterized by high-end office spaces, apartments and modern amenities. His objective was to make the city attractive to businesses, young professionals and millennial. As the president of the company, Mr. Sam Boraie has overseen the growth of the company into a leading and trusted property developer and manager with over $100 millions in property sale.


The company’s portfolio of excellent and magnificent properties includes The Aspire, Albany Street Plaza Tower One and Spring Street Condominium Building, which have been customized with modern facilities and amenities. On its Facebook page, Boraie holds that its successes have been made possible through strong partnerships with various players who understand the company’s objectives and share in its vision. These include financial institutions, contractors and architects who have helped the company expand its operations to new cities beyond New Brunswick where it is headquartered. Visit the website;



Find Out the Fantastic Work of Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello performs his functions as the director and also the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries. Petrello is quite experienced in a number of areas, and this vast experience he has acquired while working for some of the best companies in the United States of America.


Petrello used to work for Baker & McKenzie, and it is in this firm where he honed his skills in dispute resolution. After some time, he was elevated to a different position to work as a manager in another section. This was before he submitted his resignation letter in 1991.


Shortly after joining the Nabors industries, he was appointed to serve on the executive committee and as one of the boards of directors. His hardworking nature has enabled him to perform both his roles efficiently thus boosting the company’s revenue.

Petrello is passionate about inventions and the idea of implementing strategic concepts that are ideal in the spurring of the company’s growth in a more efficient and dynamic manner. He has also been performing his duties well as the director of Steward and Stevenson Company and also as a member of the executive committee.


Petrello is also a leader of Hilcorp Energy. His good education has provided him with adequate skills that he has been using to accomplish most of his duties. His qualifications include J.D. degree, which he attained from the Harvard law school. He also has master’s degree in mathematics, which he obtained from Yale University.


Anthony Petrello supports various philanthropic causes, especially the ones that deal with supporting children who are suffering from neurological disorders.


Terry Jones Seeks To Develop Customized Credit-Oriented Solutions For Clients At Highland Capital Management

Terry Jones has joined the most famous credit solutions oriented company in Dallas Texas. He is excited about the offer and is looking forward to customizing the credit-oriented solutions for the startup and other developed credit fund firms. His position will be the president of institutional products and aligning portfolio risk management. This will be especially identifying, analyzing and mitigating the risks identified. Terry will be reporting the president, and founder of Highland Capital Management James Dondero and Dondero is positive that he will help in improving the performance of the fund in the most complicated market situations. In addition that he will be of help in the whole sector of sales and promote a positive boost in the sector.

There before Terry was a founder of a fund and he has had the ability to manage over $8 billion in a fund. He is also beta gamma sigma graduate from Columbia Business School in addition to being an experienced lead business director. His presence in the firm will be an addition of great success to the already $20 billion shillings under management. Also Terry according to Dondero will be a great provider of expedite solutions for the current challenging market.

James’s move of adding staff in Highland Capital comes at the time when he is expecting to add more securities from Argentina. Dondero co- founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 and he has developed the firm in collaboration with his team of employees to being the globally recommended investment advisor and a manager of $20 billion for emerging and the already established credit funds. Jim is also an alpha beta gamma graduate from the University of Virginia where he obtained the highest honor. In addition, he is also a certified holder of CMA, CPA and CFA qualifications.

He started his career as a trainee with the Morgan Guaranty Training Program and has since then been a great financial credit investor with expertise in; hedge funds, private equities, collateralized loan obligation and institution separate accounts. Dondero normally is interested in complex investments like niche products and house loans. He has over 30 years’ experience in the financial investment sector and is a great advisor and the chairperson of Nexbank. Before initiating Highland Capital Management, he worked with American Express, and he assisted the firm in the management of $1 billion. Many private and public firms and institutions highly trust him and have included his participation in many of their board memberships.

Wikipedia Business Page Creation for Companies of All Kinds

Business owners put tons of time into their marketing and advertising, but they may not realize how important the site known as Wikipedia can be for their business ventures. When you own a company, most people will use the Internet to learn more about your services and history before they make the decision that you are the right choice for them. This is great if you have all of the right content working for you, but it might not be such a great thing when you are not working with a successful Wikipedia page all for yourself. When you go to the Wikipedia site and try to make a page yourself, you will often be met with a ton of guidelines and error messages because you are not following their set format.

To make a Wikipedia page takes a certain amount of knowledge and skill that you probably just do not have yourself. If you want to have a Wikipedia page, it is often a good choice to work with experts. The best Wikipedia writing service available currently is known as Get Your Wiki and they are working on thousands of Wikipedia pages at the current moment for people and businesses alike. Their expert writers know the Wikipedia format in and out, ensuring that you will have a page created for you that is easy to have published and known by the world. With a small fee, you can have professional writers do the Wikipedia page creation for you.

Once you make the decision to hire Wikipedia writers, they will look over your entire company and get a feel for what they should be writing about. Once this is complete, they will get to work right away to ensure that the page is created both quickly and professionally. The last thing you want to have to think about as a company owner is making a Wikipedia page for yourself. It is a waste of your time, but it can also be a great way to bring in a ton of new clients who you might not have reached in the past. Once your page is published on the Internet, it is easy for people to find out about your services and then utilize them for their own doing. This is a great way to bring in a ton of new potential customers and for you to get better known right on the Worldwide Web.

Get A Great Wikipedia Page from the Pros at Get Your Wiki

Wikipedia is a free, online non-profit encyclopedia. Despite criticism of Wikipedia, it is generally considered credible and as a source of reliable information about a company, person, place or idea. Just look at Google’s or Yahoo’s search engine results for a person, company or idea. You should find Wikipedia right at the top or very close to the top of the first page results. This is astounding when you consider it. Wikipedia pages often rank at the top of search engine results. Knowing this, businesses can take advantage of this exposure at the top to create a positive article about themselves that highlights their company or products. 

Creating a Wikipedia page is easy and best of all it is free. After all, what have you got to lose by creating a Wikipedia article about yourself? You will lose nothing, but you will have gained a whole lot, from extra exposure and a positive outlook that will show up at the top of search engine results such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Remember, that a growing amount of people now search for companies or businesses online to decide whether they are trustworthy or not. 

Now that you know the benefits of creating a Wikipedia article, it is time to create one for your business or yourself. It is one the easiest and least expensive ways to have a positive effect on your reputation and increase your reach on the internet. Writing a Wikipedia article is not that simple however. Wikipedia has a set of rules and guidelines that must be followed in all of its articles. Fail to follow them, and your Wikipedia article will not be accepted and a shoddy Wikipedia article can backfire on you and have a negative impact on your reputation. 

This is where professional Wikipedia writing services such as Get Your Wiki come in handy. They will take the hassle out of getting a Wikipedia page about your business. Not an expert writer of familiar with the requirements of a Wikipedia article? That will not be a problem, if you hire the services of a company such as Get Your Wiki. The authors there have written thousands of Wikipedia articles for businesses, individuals and organizations. They are fully compliant with all of Wikipedia’s rules and you are guaranteed that an article will be published on Wikipedia or you get your money back. So if you think you are not up to par to getting your own Wikipedia article up, just hire a professional writing company such as Get Your Wiki and admire your new Wikipedia page after it is finished.