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Alexandre Gama: Choosing A Renowned Advertising Professional

Are you planning to advertise your business or products in Brazil? Looking for a reliable way to reach a large audience and boost sales and profits?

Advertising is extremely important in business and requires great expertise. Every entrepreneur or company manager ought to have a good system in place for promoting their products or services.

A good advertising agency carries out crucial aspects of marketing or advertising projects for business owners and companies that don’t have the time or expertise to handle it on their own.

Alexandre Gama handles all phases of marketing and advertising campaigns for his clients, from doing market research and setting up campaigns to implementing the projects. Alexandre Gama produces advertising messages and places them in appropriate media.

As an experienced advertising professional, Alexandre Gama has the resources and industry connections to fulfill his client’s marketing and promotion needs.

Experience High Standard Service At Copa Star Hospital

Copa Star hospital does not conform to inefficient structures. Such factors allow it to create ideas, visions, and structures that give hope and inspiration. Worthy expenditures like the purchase of expensive equipment to provide excellent services help realize the vision.

The hospital facility is attracting worldwide attention because of its luxurious presentation of medical treatment. The hospital has suites for patients, robotic equipment, technologically superior operation rooms, and intensive care units. It has visual images that guide surgical paths and a well-constructed building. View the design at RafArquitetura.

The facility building has great innovative designs together with top edge technologies. It clearly shows the revolution of hospitalization in the world. With the best facilities, it can provide patients with needed care. Copa Star brings new vitality that values and recognizes originality in the market sector.

The hospital now aims to become a superior center for neurology and cardiology with its new unit at Rede D’Or Sao Luiz offering the latest medical technology. This facility includes intensive care units with round-the-clock monitoring of patients by highly trained staff and state of the art equipment.

Latest technological advancements are in use in operating rooms, which incorporates magnetic resonance technology and imaging. Physicians can view patient’s medical scans when performing surgery. Also, hybrid rooms are available for operations requiring less extensive surgery. The equipment is accessible in hybrid rooms ensuring patients get the best medical care anywhere.

Use of sophisticated technology allows surgeons to send imaging to experts anywhere in the world for opinions that can help get a better outcome in surgeries. New architectural designs are focusing on improving the comfort of patients visiting the hospital. Patient care is at a new level by the recent hospital developments.

The facility appears like an upscale 5-star hotel with services delivering state of the art medical treatment. The design incorporates energy efficiency measures lowering power consumption by 50 percent. Crystalline technology helps to improve the overall performance of the concrete, which extends its overall lifespan.

Copa Star Hospital is located mainly in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The facility has the best doctors with years of experience providing excellent services and cares for patients. The services range from radiology, internal medicine, cardiology and general practitioners.

It also runs an excellent restaurant on site operating 24/7. The services ensure family members or patients can enjoy delicious meals as they wait for them to recover. Patients at Copa Star receive healthy nutritious meals that meet their body nutrition needs.

The health center provides a comfortable environment, which is its commitment to health and healing of its patients. The comfort and exceptional service from its staff and amenities make it the best facility in Brazil. Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

Ricardo Guimarães

Ricardo Guimarães is the head of the family business known as BMG Bank, and his family has stood at the helm of the bank for some time. Their family empire helps people around Brazil with many types of credit. The bank is planning to make a change in which it will partner with Bank Itau. This partnership is a necessity in the banking world today, and it is a process that BMG Bank hopes to complete soon. This article explains why BMG Bank and Bank Itau are coming together to give the people of Brazil better services.

#1: What Is Ricardo’s Role In The Process

Ricardo Guimarães is the president of BMG Bank, and he believes that his company must cede some control to Bank Itau. The partnership will see the two boards come together, and the executives of both companies will take on different roles. Ricardo has had the bank in his family for so long that this may seen like a shocking development, but smaller banks must merge to prevent the onslaught of the largest banks in the world.

#2: How Does The Partnership Work?

The partnership between BMG and Itau is one that will see both companies taking up quite a lot of room in the market. The two plan to offer better payroll loans to people around the country, and these loans will replace other loan products that were created in the past. Payroll loans will help businesses and individuals around the country find the cash infusions they need, and both banks will market the same program.

#3: How Much Money Does Brazil Need?

Brazil is in need of cash that will help fund new businesses, payrolls for established businesses and money for individuals who need extra cash. These services will help the citizens of Brazil find the money they need quickly, and the two banks together will cover more area. The partnership helps strengthen Brazilians and the banks at the same time.

#4: Fighting Against Larger Banks

Citibank and other large banks have been established in Brazil over the past few decades, and these banks come with resources that are extensive. BMG Bank and Bank Itau are not as large as these competitors, but they will have a greater impact together. A bank like Citigroup will have a much harder time competing with two Brazilian banks that have teamed together.

The partnership that Ricardo Guimarães approved will bring together Bank Itau and BMG Bank in one group. The two companies will share executives and resources as they try to beat back larger banks who are taking over the country one customer at a time. Ricardo’s wisdom has likely saved his family enterprise from the clutches of a larger foreign bank.


Ricardo Guimares was born in royalty. He is the son of a mining titan and the grandson of the founder of Banco BMG.His granddad Antonio Moura Guimaraes founded the bank in 1930, Ricardo Guimares joined the group from the simple post of an office assistant and rose to become the CEO in 1980.
The story of Ricardo Guimares is as rare as they come. He joined BMG in 1980 and did his undergraduate while still at the bank. He completed his degree in 1988 from the UMA.It was in Business Administration. He was then promoted to became the CFO in 1988 and vice president in 1996.Ricardo became the CEO IN 2004.He is assisted by Marcio Alaor at that post.
Ricardo Guimares come from an affluent family no doubt. He has risen through sheer hard work and shrewdness nonetheless and is an iconic example of hard work. It is this reason he has received prestigious accolades like the Grand collar of the legislative merit in 2204 and honorary degrees from Town Hall in 2011.Ricardo is also a hedge fund manager who has started Ricardo 11 fund. It seeks to commercialize images of players and build the brand. It now has a funding of $ 20 million. He has tons of football experience. He was the chairman at Clube Atletico Mineiro for five years, and it is his favourite club.
Ricardo Guimares has appeared in numerous blogs to share his business expertise. He says Brazilians have good business ideas but lack the willpower to implement them. They are very creative but lack actual guts to do the hard work. It mostly comes down to hard work and dedication. The country was ranked slightly behind the USA with a score of 138.8.
Banco BMG is now 85 years old having been founded in 1930 by Antonio Guimares; It has grown to become one of the largest in the country and provides efficient services for the people. It is well known for its cheap loans and extensive distribution network. It has 3000 branches spread across the entire country. It also has 50000 employees.
Under Guimares, the bank has become a giant in Sports sponsorship. It has the highest returns for every dollar invested in the industry. Banco BMG regular floats bonds in the international market to help raise capital.

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Source:  Agencia Estado

Marcio Alaor and BMG hear of a new scandal

According to an article published at, ANYWAY, the SLICING and DICING of the Carwash-everything is going as planned in the last edition of this column. The Supreme Court (STF) organized via the Minister Dias Toffoli, the slicing and dicing of the processes under the command of Judge Sergio Live. In fact, some politicians are leaving the judge’s focus, according to the interest of the Government and all this was done to shield the Senator Nelson Hoffman, involved in the scandal of misappropriation of funds of the Ministry of planning. Tandel, former lawyer of the PT and, today, the Supreme Court said that the Brazilian Justice seems to be in the hands of one judge and that is unthinkable. Now the process is going to get out of the hands of the da’s Zavascki Minister and goes to his own Tan. Of the 11 Ministers of the Court, only three have not been appointed by Lula and Dilma.

REPENTANCE – after the Mensalão scandal came to light, the main operator of the system, Marcos Valerio, refused to denounce those responsible for such lawlessness and has preserved not only the President, but also the former Minister José Dirceu, with the promise that his face and would rid them of the advertisers. The result was a penalty of more than 40 years to Marcos Valerio and low penalties for the other defendants. All politicians, many of whom are home boasting of freedom while the advertiser and his companions had very high penalties. Valerius has confessed to friends that you regret having chosen the lawyer who spent all their financial reserves.

TAXES – to be the Government’s Bench has its advantages and disadvantages. Many members were forced to vote for the Governor, who ordered to House Pimentel a project proposing to increase taxes for miners. If voting against, lawmakers fail to meet their party-political basis. History repeats itself forever. Members who were the opposition and who voted against everything, now, as the basis of Government, vote according to the Palace.

The COACH HOUSE home of businessman John Days, the King of feijoada, will be in party this coming weekend. Is that your wife and our dear friend Vera Lizardo Days, birthday. Viva Dona Vera. The first lady of the King of feijoada. A meteorologist forecast this columnist: “if it doesn’t rain expected for the end of the year 2016 and early, we don’t know what will happen in Mines”. The professional of the time, said he’s never seen a situation like that Mines has been facing in recent times, mainly in the metropolitan area. And it’s true. The Rio das Velhas, main supplier of water to the metropolitan area, is in the “bone” as the Riverside population. I could see that myself to see the River in Raposos. Centenary of Orlando Silva-the Mayor of Sabará, Diogenes Fantini, determined that if to commemorate the centenary of one of the greatest singers of Brazil, the unforgettable Orlando Silva. The show will be in this next day 09 from 9:00 pm. The goalkeeper Fabio, the cruise, received a visit from some children of the Legion of good will (LGW) in Toca da Raposa. The little ones were to CT to honor the star by passing your birthday. “Thanks! Thank you for caring! “-said Fabius after hearing a message of congratulation.

Marcio Alaor hard work and dedication has allowed him to be given the title of Vice President at BMG. His presence has been greatly felt as the company has been able to expand and seek out new investment opportunities. With Marcio Alaor as Vice President, BMG has been able to enter the sports industry.

You can learn more about him by visitng the


Brazil consignment credit sector is the most advancing sectors in the credit industry. The country has over 60 banks competing in the untapped consigned credit segment. The leading bank is the Banco BMG bank that accounts for over 60% of the market. Over 50% of the credit consignment section is untapped. The BMG bank leads in accounting for over 80% of the market share. Being the pioneer in the industry BMG has over 3000 points of sales in the country. Besides it has over 50000 agents’ distributed in every major municipality in the South American country. BMG has very professional and highly qualified team. The team is responsible for the bank’s growth in the sector.
The bank was founded in 2004 by its President Mr. Ricardo Giurmaraes. Since its formation, BMG has taken numerous steps in serving to ensure excellent service for its customers. Under Mr. Giurmaraes BMG has grown to become one of the leading banks in Brazil. The bank has acquired several assets that are significant in fulfilling its mandate. When the bank was founded in 2004, the economy of Brazil was very favorable. The country economy was growing impressively, and the inflation was in control. At that time, the market was worth 6 billion dollars and BMG accounted only 40% of the market.

The journey of success for BMG has been a long one. It was the first bank that pioneered the idea of consignment credit. It’s the most advancing in the credit sector and the bank it very committed to tapping the potential that remains unutilized in this market. Mr. Giurmaraes is an exceptionally skilled entrepreneur. His entrepreneur skills have propelled the bank to top leading banks in the country. The business graduate has served other important senior positions. He is a board member of the board of councilors for the Banco BMG in South America.
Despite the bank maintaining a lead credit sector of in the banking industry, it has diversified its services in other sectors too. The 50000 agents and 3000 points of sales have enabled the bank to reach several people with banking services. The bank has invested in reaching the customers and offering them excellent services. The bank has supported several other sectors of the industry including soccer and youth organizations. The bank is an active talent promoter. BMG believes that developing skills are an important aspect of economy growth. Socially the bank supports social services for the better welfare of the society. The projects are for helping community’s life improve.

Brazilian Lawyers Are Ready To Deal With The Aftershocks Of Rousseff’s Admissions

Brazil has 200 million people living in all kinds of conditions. From the poorest to the most wealthy, Brazil is nothing if it is not a mixture of humanity that celebrates the small things and fights the big things. One of those big things is the Brazilian government under the leadership of President Dilma Rousseff. When Rousseff was elected almost seven years ago, she had the support of most of the country. Today, Rousseff is under attack for a modern day scandal and having a personality that is as welcoming as the flu. In her recent independence day address, she tried to make peace with a country by saying the government must reverse some policies because the results of those policies have damaged the economy.
Rousseff admitted she made mistakes, and some of the 800,000 lawyers in Brazil realized Rousseff might have given them grounds for lawsuits. Lawsuits are as common as the bikinis that walk along Rio’s beaches, according to Ricardo Tosto, one of the founding partner of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Tosto specializes in electoral law, banking, corporate restructuring, and international law just to name of few areas of expertise. He is also the author of articles and essays that deal with Brazilian law. Tosto believes the president of Brazil may be opening up a legal can of worms by admitting the government committed errors that cost businesses in Brazil and around the world a lot of money.
Tosto admits that lawsuits take years to resolve in the Brazilian courts so even though many lawyers in Brazil may file lawsuits the chances of them being settled in the near future are very slim. Mr.Tosto knows that inflation is the one of the main villains in the economic slowdown, and the president is trying to get the country to understand the process the government goes through in order to curb inflation. But by admitting government errors, hundreds if not thousands of lawsuits will be filed. Tosto thinks most Brazilian lawyers have to file lawsuits to survive. Their clients may never get what they want from the lawsuit, but the lawyers get paid, and that is the name of the law game in Brazil, according to Tosto.