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Girl Stuns Everyone Who Meets Her

According to the website, Sam Tabar knows, any problem with the brain can cause a lifetime of heartache. Brain damage can cause a person to have zero control over their body or life.

Mysha Dejong is the type of young woman that many younger girls aspire to mimic. At 18-years-old, the soon-to-graduate Rocky River High School student is beautiful, admired by friends and teachers and an honor student.

Yet, Mysha’s life has not been easy. When she was a freshman, she had to undergo brain surgery at Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic to remove part of her brain.

Mysha was born originally with a malformation of the brain that resulted in her constantly experiencing severe seizures. At one point, she had to take 27 pills each day to treat the condition, but her brain and her body would not stop seizing and the seizures were disrupting her sleep, health and ability to learn.

The doctors removed parts of the brain that control vision and speech. Yet, within 24 hours of the surgery, her doctors saw immediate improvement. Although her right arm was initially paralyzed and she lost 50 percent of her vision, she quickly adapted and worked hard to regain her mobility and catch up with her classmates. Now, she can function pretty much like all of the other students. She graduates in early June of this year and then plans to go to a local community for now.