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Premium Dog Food Sales Surging

With the new surge in innovative pet foods, big name brands have their work cut out for them according to a Daily Herald article. New to the dog food scene is FreshPet, one of the only refrigerated dog foods on the market. FreshPet sells their foods in their own coolers they provide to retailers.  Mars’ Cesar Home Delights and Big Heart Pet Brands are marketing dog food and snacks that are good enough for humans to eat. The pitch seems to be working since gourmet pet food sales have surged 45 percent since 2009, according to the article. However, some financial experts don’t believe the new companies such as FreshPet will be able to last since the cost of production is so high. Big name brands such as Purina are continuously coming up with new strategies such as its website where owners can personalize their pet’s food. Also, Purina has bought out Merrick Pet Care. Beneful, which is part of the Purina family, is one of the best Purina dog food distributors. Quality control specialists audit vendors who provide ingredients often to ensure only the best ingredients are used and there are no defects or unsanitary products used. Beneful employees are highly qualified to assess dog nutritional needs as well as adhere to safety protocol and quality control. Purina introduced Beneful in 2001 as a nutritious better tasting food for pets. The brand offers dry and wet food and treats. The food quickly became a top seller and appealed to pet owners because it resembled people food. Beneful added the Healthy Harvest line in 2005, which uses soy as the main protein. Beneful has been catering to those who want the best for their pet long before FreshPet and other companies came along, and the company shows promise to continue innovating and growing.