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How does WEN by Chaz Dean work on fine, limp hair? Emily finds out!

When YouTube beauty blogger Emily McClure tried WEN on her fine, limp hair, she wasn’t sure what to expect. Emily’s hair was the lifeless and dull and didn’t hold curl or style without massive amounts of product, which then exacerbated the very hair problems she was trying to solve. She also looking for a product that would clean her hair, leave it healthy and robust, but that she didn’t need to use every day.

WEN by Chaz Dean [] has garnered a reputation as a literal miracle for all hair types. It makes dry hair soft, gives limp hair body, and elasticities curls. The smell is light and fresh but fragrant. The first time Emily massaged WEN into her scalp, she noticed a difference. Her hair felt noticeably thicker and she observed that few strands were lost when rinsing. Upon drying and styling, she found her hair soft, shiny, and full of body.
Emily used Wen nearly every day for the next week. While she preferred the way it perfected her hair when used first thing daily, she noticed that even when she skipped a shower, her hair was shiny and lustrous. The overall health of her hair improved and her strands appeared shiny and full of body even when used with heat protectorate and various other styling products. After her experience using WEN, Emily decided it was a fantastic product that she was definitely going to purchase regularly from Amazon and keep in her style arsenal.