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Talk Fusion’s Amazing Achievement

In recent news, Talk Fusion wins the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This award honors exceptional services and products that facilitate data, voice, and video communications that were brought to market or greatly improved over the last several months.


With WebRTC technology, Talk Fusion Video Chat has the capability to allow users to communicate face to face on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop with anyone and anywhere. The video chat app is available at the Google Play and iTunes stores. With this progress, one can see how this revolutionary platform of cross communication has continual momentum since March 2016 when the full version went live.


Talk Fusion has many great features and benefits. One thing they provide is free trials, it has a new site, and it has a high quality recorder which is from WebRTC. With these features and more, Talk Fusion Video Chat is geared to impress and reach more customers. 2016 has been shaping to be this company’s best year so far. More information about all the spectacular benefits of Talk Fusion, their site,, is the place to go. They can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion Video Chat was launched in 2007 by Bob Reina, who is also the Chief Executive Officer. Talk Fusion is committed to assisting companies to stand out from their competitors, increase profits and sales, and maintain return customers. Talk Fusion provides spectacular ways to make marketing more memorable, engaging, and persuasive with video.


This company’s innovative products are marketed in over 140 countries with person to person by Independent Associates. They have free trials for 30 days of all in one Video Marketing Solutions that are available to anybody wishing to try it before they buy, and no credit card is required. Talk Fusion also offers a strong commitment in giving back to communities, friends, families, and animal charities around the world.

Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Recognized by the Technology Marketing Corporation

In a recent article, PR Newswire made it known that Florida-based Talk Fusion had won the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award for their Video Chat product. The award recognizes noteworthy video, voice or data communications products that have been introduced or improved in the last year.

Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, announced in a press release, “It gives me great pleasure to honor the recipients of the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. True leaders within their industries, these honorees represent the best-of-the-best products and solutions available on the market today.”

The award is a confirmation that Talk Fusion’s products are the kind of innovative and industry-leading solutions that customers need to increase sales and profits and create return business.

The full version of Video Chat was made available in March 2016, and provides users the ability to connect face-to-face via phone, tablet or desktop. The product is one of five marketing solutions offered by Talk Fusion, including Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, and Sign-Up Forms. Their line of products provides a comprehensive Video Marketing Solution for customers.

Not content to rest on their laurels, CEO and Founder, Bob Reina said of the award, “This is just the beginning. Our talented IT team has big plans for the future of our All-in-One Video Marketing Solution. They’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve, and that’s what Talk Fusion is all about.”

Founded in 2007, the company is dedicated to growing businesses and giving back to their community. Read the original article at:

The New Marketing Strategy attracting Many

Talk Fusion has already become of the leading communication programs in the majority of the countries all over the world making it the eighth preferred application on the market. It is ranked number one in Indonesia when it comes to communication applications while it is ranked 20th in Switzerland and 5th in Japan.

Video chat is a relatively fast mode of communication. Therefore, it is preferred. The reason behind this is the fact that it is quicker and compatible with various devices that include Apple, Android, Mac, Tablet, and PC. With a good network connection, this form of communication is faster and instant. This product is of High Definition (HD) quality.

According to Business For Home, in the last 3months, the web ranking of Talk Fusion, has climbed over 30,000 positions because more people have opted to use this application whether as unique visitors as well as page views. Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion, is determined to keep rising and has no will to stop or even consider slowing down. Soon the company is planning on launching a 30-day free trial, the international excitement that has clients waiting eagerly.

After the results from just one product, the company is expecting to make high gains from other products that they have to offer their clients as free trials. Before long, the brand will be popular among many users. The application for the video chat is currently free in both Google Play stores as well as iTunes making it easier for interested parties to download the products once the free trials are launched.

Talk Fusion is a successful venture that involves video communication such as live meeting and conferencing solutions; emails and newsletters; analytical and reporting marketing tools as well as live chatting. The company is made up of a team of tech gurus, graphic-gurus, master wordsmiths as well as the video pros who work hand in hand to ensure that the application works accurately. There is also a community blog that is meant to keep your questions sufficiently answered.

This service was started by Bob Reina, who was determined to put his 20year experience to the test. He decided to come up with a mass communication tool that can help build marketing relationships that could help individuals with their businesses.

Oisin Hanrahan and the Success of Handy

Handy, which at one time was known as Handybook, is an ambitious on-demand cleaning company based out of New York. The founder of Handy, Oisin Hanrahan, began his professional career during college developing overseas real estate in Hungary, and transitioned from there into the burgeoning on-demand taxi industry. Hanrahan and two of his friends from college designed the concept for Handybook while attending Harvard. Deciding to take a leap of faith, Hanrahan and his two colleagues left that prestigious University in an attempt to grow Handy into a real business, with great success.

Even though there are many companies that are like Handy, Hanrahan is not interested so much in competition as he is in building upon his lead. Being a company within a two-sided marketplace, which is a business model that has only developed in the past decade, offers advantages to the success of Handy. Hanrahan seeks to continue to expand Handy, and as it grows it will in a sense evolve on its own, building upon customer satisfaction and relying on the idea that as Handy increases in size retention of customers will decrease and customer acquisition costs will lower.
At this moment in time Handy employs a staff of 160 individuals along with over 10,000 contractors. Contractors that work for the company benefit from flexibility of work hours, since many of them are either students or busy parents. By offering this sort of employment opportunity Handy provides an affordable on-demand cleaning service for professionals and customers alike.


Talk Fusion Hits The Market With Video Chat

The Talk Fusion Video Chat communication program has risen to dominate the global market. With its recent move to soon provide Video Chat on a free trial, it is now the #1 communication app in Indonesia, according to Android Market Discovery Tool App Brain. It ranks 5th in Japan and 20th in Switzerland, and has revolutionized the way that modern people communicate with each other.

Talk Fusion is an up and coming company, shown by a jump in Traffic data from Unique leaders and page views over a 90 day period. Its Alexa web ranking has risen 30,000 points. This is due to the success its product has in meeting needs, which is a hallmark of the company. By giving back to friends, family and meaningful charities the company shows a concern for the people it finds around it. It has a strong commitment to animal charities to bring positive global change to reality.

In a similar way, it has found out how to bring positive change to the communication market. Its Video Chat app is now available at iTunes and Google Play stores, and soon will incorporate a 30 day free trial offer, that consumers can take advantage of without even a credit card. The company is committed to changing lives, and is now a leading market force in the video marketing field. Video Chat is both faster and smarter than the others, and is compatible with any device. This proprietary breakthrough, with a patent pending, has changed the way people do business.

Talk Fusion has plans for new products, enhancements and a future of massive growth. The popularity of Video Chat and its potential for future success shows that Talk Fusion is on the crest of a wave to and even greater future. They are equally committed to perfecting existing products, so their consumers will never be left holding the bag.

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The World’s Best Cleaning Service

Handy the cleaning service, has definitely cornered the market for being such a young company. Three years to be exact. Handy is now worth $500 million. Oisin Hanrahan who attended the Web Summit in Ireland, said that he has a lot to thank New Yorkers for, they are partly responsible for his success. Oisin was born in Ireland, so he was more than elated to go to his country and for the opportunity to see his college friend. These friend once collaborated on two business ventures.

Oisin said at an interview, when he came to Boston, Massachusetts to pursue an MBA he had two roommates, one was very messy. The other became his business partner. They managed to come up with $50,000 but thought the Boston was not feasible to began a company like Handy, so they move to New York. He added that there were competition in New York but nothing like Handy. It far surpassed the rest, they just focus on one best for the company.

The employees who work for Handy works when they may need extra money and have the flexibility of scheduling their own time. For the customers they have piece of mind in knowing they can schedule appointments at their convenience, while knowing that the person who show up is reliable and trustworthy. Oisin says the company is in a good place, stressing that their plans are to keep working with clients in the New York area. The founders are beaming with pride since Amazon former executive and Tumblr former engineer came aboard.

Handy contractors are friendly and professional. They go through a background check. The company has a 100% built money back guarantee that says, if a customer is not satisfied with the job that was done, they will be refunded. They stress “no question asked”.

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Talk Fusion’s New Service Soars to #1

Talk Fusion, the video service company, made a splash weeks ago when it announced its brand new service: video chat. The market has responded, and now AppBrain lists Talk Fusion as the #1 Android app in Indonesia. It ranks high in other locations as well like Japan and Switzerland.

It isn’t difficult to see why Talk Fusion is so popular. It is faster, easier to use, smarter, and more compatible than anything else. Users can access it with any device: Apple, PC, Android, and most tablets. It is already receiving positive reviews from customers everywhere. If you’re looking to try it, there is a free trial.

The 30-day trial grants you access to all of the features of the video chat service. And unlike other trials, there is no credit card required. You can download your trial from the iTunes store, Google Play store, or at If you don’t like it, you pay nothing.

Don’t forget about the other video services either. You can use videos in emails and newsletters. If you use this service, there are tons of great templates to help you out.

Talk Fusion is sold from person to person in over 140 countries globally. The company uses a revolutionary business model for video services. It works with independent representatives who are able to offer services directly to their network of friends and family. This reduces the overall cost of the product and allows the associates to make full livings and support their families. In addition, the CEO and founder insisted on a unique payment plan. Talk Fusion has the first ever Instant Pay Compensation Plan that allows associates to receive their commission as soon as a sale is made.

It’s about time companies start treating their associates right, like Talk Fusion is doing. When Brad Reina founded the company in 2007, he knew he wanted to change the world for the better. That is why he insists on giving to the community and charities, including animal shelters. The company is also a proud member of the Direct Selling Association. They take ethical selling very seriously and always follow the highest of ethical standards.

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Hanrahan Talks All Things Handy

Oisin Hanrahan is someone who is very busy these days. Handy, the company he runs, is growing by proverbial leaps and bounds. Handy is a home cleaning and maintenance booking service that has offices all across the United States. After a recent round of new venture capital raising, Handy is looking to open even more offices. What sets Handy apart from its competitors is Handy relies on an on-demand service. Customers book freelancers through the use of a smartphone app.

Hanrahan gave an interview on the subject of Handy. In the interview, he discussed how the idea came to him along with the early stage of turning an idea for an on-demand service. Hanrahan’s early career in real estate led him to realize people really needed and easier way to connect with home cleaning and repair professionals. Coming into contact with an on-demand taxi service further spiked insights into Hanrahan’s mind.

Eventually, through working with friends he met at Harvard Business School, Hanrahan was able to found Handy. The company was started with about $50,000 in funding. In time, millions of dollars in capital was raised. Handy exploded in growth within a very short period of time.

Hanrahan suggests the ease of being able to book freelancers combined with the rigorous screening process for hiring have both contributed to Handy’s success. People like to use apps, and apps eliminate a lot of time wasted making phone calls. Handy has ridden public acceptable of apps, and the company is now worth $500 million as a result.

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Recap: HomeJoy Goes Bankrupt

The house cleaning and repair company that everyone knew by the name of Homejoy Inc. has recently made the decision to file for bankruptcy within the well-known chapter 11 of bankruptcy. This company was well-known for having commercials which had the famous star David Hasselhoff as the center of the act. The case for the Homejoy bankruptcy was actually filed in the location of San Jose. This happened around the amount of 5 months after Homejoy had already started to tell all of their consumers that they would be closing their doors for good.


The company known as Handy is a company that is a two-sided market location that helps with cleaning residential homes and they also are able to provide other types of home services that their clients need. This famous company was actually founded in the year of 2012. They are currently operating in many different locations, including the United Kingdom, the United States and also in Canada.

The History Behind the Handy Company

This well-known company was founded by a group of people, Umang Dua, Oisin Hanrahan, Ignacio Leonhardt and Weina Scott. When these four people founded the Handy company, it was originally named Handybook. At the time of the creation of the Handybook company, Dua and Hanrahan were both going to the same college, Harvard Business School, and they were also roommates at the time too. They chose the Handybook name because of the fact that they wanted their business to be a company that people would be able to book both cleaning and also handyman services at times that were convenient to them.

The year of 2014 was the year that the Handybook company had made the decision to change their name to the name Handy, during the month of September. The Handy company attempted to buy the Homejoy company in the year of 2015, but the company ended up shutting down, therefor not being able to be bought. The Handy company currently employs over 160 different people with their company that are working full-time jobs and raised $50 million in funding. Around the amount of 80% of the bookings that the Handy company receive are actually coming from the clients that repeat their business with them, meaning that they are a great company to work with.

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As the use of internet for business transaction explodes, here is a new innovation that ecommerce sites need to consider. The new visual imaging technology is software that allows visual search as opposed to the traditional text based searches. The technology has already rolled out with the social network the Pinterest and the Both companies have made a remarkable progress in the significance of the software in increasing sales. The management specified optimism in the new technology and said it’s willing to roll the technology to other products.

According to the, they initially ran the software on women footwear and performed excellently. By narrowing the search to the characteristics the customers are looking for, they can quickly identify specific products they want to purchase. The Pinterest has gone a step further and incorporated the purchase buttons in the image results. It results in specific images from the drawing the user input to the search box. Visual imaging system uses the deep learning technology which enables the software to understand the search image and return specific image results. With the technology, e commerce sites can significantly increase sales. Visual imaging systems are estimated to be worth over $21 billion by 2018 in returns.

According to the optical imaging technology firm Slyce, a large number of consumers are dissatisfied with the text based system. They complain it’s inefficient in helping them identify specific products they wish to buy. A report published on the company’s websites also shows that a number of consumers attach value to a product through its image quality.

Slyce has partnered with several app developers and software companies on various visual web projects. The company agrees with interested parties in several ways including integration, percentage sales and pay per search options. With several decades experience in soft development, the company is right position and committed to innovations in the upcoming visual web technology.

Ecommerce businesses need to embrace the technology to boost their sales. In the latest news, the companies that have incorporated the technology have attested to its working well. Since the invention of the internet, the text-based search method has dominated the browsers and the search engines while other features on the internet continually change. Embracing the technology early may give the business the mileage it needs to stay competitive.