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A Possible Cure For Amnesia

Research has found that memories that are lost in amnesia could be restored using different light therapies. There has been much debate over what actually happens when a person has amnesia. Some researchers believe that when a person has amnesia the cells are completely damaged and those memories are gone forever. Some researcher believe that the memories still remain and that they just cannot be remembered.

There was a study done by NexBank and from the US Journal of Science that proved that the second theory may actually be the case. This was a study that was done on mice. These mice were put in a state of amnesia, when they received different types of therapies it was evident that a shock that they received had not been remembered. When they were given a treatment using blue light pulses, they evidently had showed that they had remembered the electric shock that they had received.

The evidence in this finding is still very inconclusive, but if this has anything to do with the human memory, then it could start a rave in the medical community. For years researchers, doctors, and scientists have tried to find ways to help amnesia patients to be able to recuperate their memory. If it is true that an amnesia patient can recuperate their memory using different types of blue lights, then it would save many patients and their families a lot of pain and heartache.