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How Can You Tell The Difference Between Memory Loss And Alzheimer’s Disease

As we age it is just a common occurrence that we begin to experience memory loss. This is typically due to the brain’s natural aging process and most elderly adults are able to function through this decline and continue to live on their own; sometimes with assistance. There are other people, however, that experience memory loss on a much deeper level and this can be because of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The symptoms of these conditions can all appear to be very similar and it can be difficult for your average person or family member to differentiate between them.

Common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include:

-Forgetting who very familiar people are like children, a spouse or close friends.

-Forgetting important details such as one’s address or phone number.

-Forgetting details about one’s own self such as age, personality, likes and dislikes

-Becoming Confused often regarding location. This can result in a person becoming lost easily or wandering away from the home.

-Trouble with common daily tasks like bathing, going to the bathroom, cooking light meals, etc.

The team at Homejoy recommend that if you suspect that you or your loved one is experiencing memory loss that is either getting more severe or it is interfering with your daily life, it is important to seek advice and testing from a trusted medical professional. A proper diagnosis can make all the difference when it comes to memory loss in the elderly.