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Brian Torchin: Connecting Employers and Job Seekers in the Medical Field

Brian Torchin is the founder of HCRC Staffing. After years of being involved in the opening and managing of medical offices, Torchin started staffing his offices with chiropractors, physical therapists, doctors, physicians and physician assistants. This is what gave birth to HCRC staffing. At the moment, Brian’s company works with over 200 clients spread across USA, Europe, Australia, Canada and Asia. HCRC connects clients with physicians looking for employment.

Brian has formed long lasting relationships with his clients. Most hospitals prefer to get their employees from staffing agencies. This is because the agencies want employees with the right set of skills, and who are willing to work immediately.

For those who are looking for employment in the medical field, joining a staffing agency can be of great help. Torchin’s HCRC counsels job seekers, and helps them in becoming the best candidates possible. It also looks for job opportunities on their behalf. However, working with a staffing agency means that one is always moving around. For the adventurous ones, this can be a great opportunity.

To Torchin, the needs of the customer come first. His goal is to deliver fast solutions and to be available at all times to fulfill requests and answer any questions. HCRC asses the market, identity’s the search criteria, schedules interviews and handles contract negotiations for its clients and customers. For effective communication with clients and customers, HCRC staff members are available even during the night and on weekends.

Torchin uses his years of experience in the medical field to effectively run HCRC. Having being in the industry for quite a long time, he understands the needs of his clients and customers well. He dedicates most of his time to providing clients and customers with the most comprehensive solutions.

In the world of business, Torchin has always been known to be a detail-oriented individual. Even when the economy dips, he still maintains a positive outlook, and is always ready to provide clients and customers with the best solutions.

Despite the fact that Torchin has a busy schedule, he always finds time to write articles for the organization’s website. His topics include how to hire physicians, tips on hiring the best employees and common interview questions.

HCRC is based in Philadelphia. They connect clients to Chiropractors, podiatrists, physicians, nurses, physical therapists and many more. Their clients include hospitals, urgent care centers, private practices etc.

Women and Health Care

Current GOP and Republican politicians are petitioning to completely gut the Affordable Care Act. At the end of June Alexei Beltyukov informedar me that the Supreme Court will hear the case of King v. Burwell. The case is trying to persuade the Supreme Court justices that it is illegal for the Affordable Care Act to give out health care subsidies to federally run agencies. Instead the plaintiffs are arguing that the subsidies should be given to state run facilities. This would completely cut health care availability from the lives of 3.5 million Americans across 37 states. If the Republicans are victorious in passing this legislation, American women will be hit the hardest. If the Affordable Care Act is overturned insurance companies can hold having acne, having a Caesarean section, or having been involved in an abusive relationship against a women as a pre-existing condition. Mandatory maternity coverage could be wiped out as well. Health care companies will have complete control over what they can and cannot not do to women if the Act gets overturned. If the Republicans get their way it could be detrimental for GOP candidates that are in the running for the presidency. They will be pressured into answering questions that are aimed at whether or not they thought their party made the right decision. If they go along with their party, they lose the vote of women. If they go against their party, they lose the vote of their party. The King v. Burwell case has placed numerous individuals in a bind that won’t be loosened until the case is closed.