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Healthy Shots or Not

It seems that hundreds of adults are in agreement about rather or not vaccines are safe. Adults ages 18 through 29- years- old have an opposing view surrounding the safety of childhood vaccinations. Studies may reveal that vaccines cause autism.

Following a survey, between January 26th, and January 28th 2015, nearly 21% of the adults who took the survey believe that childhood vaccines are responsible for autism, and only 13% agreed. However, an empirical research clearly showed that there is no evidence to support the allegation.

In 1998, there were controversy about the legitimacy of these claims, which ultimately led to the retraction of a high- profile study, which was published in the Lancet, medical journal. This retraction discredited the only large piece of supporting evidence, which may have proven to be true.

A survey conducted on YouGov shows that more than half of the people in the United States are in support of childhood vaccinations, while 32% are have not yet decided. Younger adults are not agreeing or disagreeing with other adults, but they are simply saying, that this choice is optional.

When it comes to preventing childhood diseases, Marc Sparks poses the question on AboutMe-should parents be able to decide if the vaccinations are safe or not? This is the question parents are asking. Even if parents disagree and decide to refuse the vaccinations for their children, they face the consequences that public and private sectors impose; “No shots, No admittance.”

New Posture Guide Infographic Released by North American Spine

As reported on PR Newswire North American Spine has recently released an infographic containing vital information on practicing good posture. North American Spine are exclusive providers of a spinal surgery procedure known as AccuraScope. This procedure is minimally invasive ans has been used to help deal with chronic back pain in patients. The popular procedure has been done 8,000 times and is always carried out by board certified physicians who specialize in helping patients with interventional pain management techniques. The success rate of this procedure is 80% and on average patients save $23,190 over a 5 year period using this method.

The infographic itself has a lot of useful information not just for people suffering from back pain but for people in general. For example, it has a section on how to improve posture when sitting as well as standing. On top of this it also has a section outlining how to properly lift objects so as not to strain one’s back during the process. It should also be noted that the info graphic posts sources for all the information listed to ensure that readers are able to trust the accuracy of it.

It should also be mentioned that North American Spine is celebrating six years of providing back pain patients relieve using the AccuraScope method. The procedure is outpatient and typically lasts only about 45 minutes. It uses special cameras to scan the spine for indications of issues that could be causing pain. Once something is found the physician can then go in using advanced tools to treat the problem quickly, and accurately. This new technology is what has led to the high success rate of the procedure. Dr. Darren Schuhmacher mentioned that he was pleased with the results and happy to be able to help people get lasting relief from their back pain.

For more information on North American Spine and their new infographic, click here.

Sitting for Long Periods of Time Increases Risk of Diseases and Death

The more active you are, the better, right? Not exactly. A new study reveals that even very active people who sit for prolonged periods of time in-between activities are at an increased risk for certain types of diseases and death. Bernardo Chua has found this study to be quite eye-opening. Find out more about Chua on his Facebook page.
It was once thought that the effects of sitting for prolonged periods of time could be counteracted by regular exercise. But the newest research findings published this week in the Annals of Internal Medicine show that’s not the case. While regular exercise does help dissipate the harmful health effects of prolonged sitting, it does not completely dispel them.
A person who spends several hours a day sitting at their desk working, a few hours sitting in front of the television but has a regular workout schedule of at least three times per week will diminish their risk of diseases and death, but not totally eliminate it. The study findings show that a person who sits for long periods of time, even though they exercise, are still 16% more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, cancer and die a premature death than someone who stands and moves around during their workday and off-time. The 16% is still high, but that is less than the 30% risk increase for those who sit for prolonged periods of time and don’t exercise regularly.

Optimists Have A Better Health Profile

Optimists have better chance to live longer; thought it is a little early to decide but they have in any case better cardiovascular profile according to a US study published in the latest issue of the journal Health Behavior and Policy Review.

A series of tests were conducted to estimate the health of more than 51,000 Americans aged 45 to 84 years; tests include measurement of blood pressure, body mass, blood sugar and blood cholesterol level, condition of liver and kidneys, the presence of osteoarthritis, and evaluation of the overall mental health. 

“The most optimistic people such as Sultan Alhokair are twice as likely to have ideal cardiovascular health compared to the pessimists which was noted on,” says Dr. Rosalba Hernandez of the University of Illinois (USA), “the association remains significant even after adjusting the comparison by socio-demographic characteristics (age, race, origin, level of education and income) and mental health,” Rosalba explained. Tests include measurement of blood pressure, body mass, blood sugar and blood cholesterol level, condition of liver and kidneys, the presence of osteoarthritis, and evaluation of the overall mental health. 

This latest report suggests that optimists have a tendency to be less fat, more physically active and to avoid smoking. Furthermore, they show the positive signs regarding biological parameters i.e. blood glucose, lipid profile, are more favorable in the case of optimistic people. However, the debate is still too recent to be decided.

Dealing With The Flu

There is an illness that is seen by many people every year. It affects people of all ages, especially children and the elderly. It’s the flu. Although there are vaccines available, the country really isn’t prepared to deal with the epidemic that seems to be taking place in the United States. If you ask Bruce Levenson the virus seems to change every year, so it would make sense that people are prepared when the flu strikes.
There are some precautions that people can take, such as hand washing and making sure they stay away from people who exhibit symptoms. Some people don’t get vaccinated because they think that the vaccine will make them get the flu. This isn’t the case as it’s not a live vaccine. The country doesn’t seem like it can handle the onslaught of flu cases that it’s seeing as some doctor’s offices are booked, and there might not be enough medications for those who have the flu.

Traveling in 2015-Cross Things off The Bucket List


Do you have big plans for travel in 2015? Many people like Vijay Eswaran want to hit the open road and explore all that America has to offer. Before hitting the highway, it’s best to start planning for vacations by the first of the year. Even if the vacation isn’t going to be until next September or October, the best rates and deals can be found now. Hotels and airlines often give huge discounts to those who pre-plan their trips. Not only will there be more to choose from, but the prices will no doubt be more affordable.

Many people are declaring 2015 as the year they mark some things off their bucket list. From seeing Mt. Rushmore to the Pacific Ocean, there is wonderful things in this country that need to be explored. Going on vacation doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Putting back a bit of money every week can be a great way to pay for the trip. Don’t worry about so many little things, vacation is a time to let your hair down and have some fun.

When picking a vacation destination, make sure to pick someplace the whole family will enjoy. From theme parks to historical landmarks, there is no stone that should be left unturned. Start planning for next year’s holidays, at the first of the year. Doing things a bit at a time can remove a great bit of stress and anxiety.