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Larkin and Lacey and the Frontera Fund

Close to ten years ago, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had an encounter that would change their entire lives. They got into a legal issue because of their migrant status, and this seemed to be the end of their careers.

For the past ten years, the duo has been in and out of court, and finally, they have received a settlement of $37.5 million. The two have decided that they will not be using the money gotten for their benefit, rather they will use it to help immigrant residents of Arizona who could be going through similar problems.

The Larkin and Lacey case started when the two were kidnapped from their home. The aim of their kidnappers seemed to be dissuading them from giving out some incriminating evidence which they had against the County Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio. The case got even more intriguing when police officers arrested the two men and started making demands for the names of their online news sources.

They two have spent most of their careers defending the rights of American Citizens as stipulated in the first amendment. The battle they have been fighting has been fierce, and they got very little support. The money they will get as compensation will help all migrants that have immigration issues along the US-Mexico border.

A lot of questions have been raised about the manner in which the case was handled. These include the mayor’s covert attempts to obstruct justice. Media attention in the case blew it further out of proportion, and this made it a hugely public affair.

The fact that they have beaten all odds and succeeded gives people hope that it is possible to go up against the powers that be and win, even when the villains are part of the justice system. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are now being hailed as heroes for the fight they have put up both for their sake and that of others in a predicament which is similar to theirs.

Before their case started in 2007, the two had been at the height of their careers in journalism. The case was a huge cloud over their otherwise bright futures. However, their resilience has led to victory, and they plan to use the money to address the immigration problems faced by the Hispanic community in their state and beyond.

Many civil rights groups have congratulated them for their efforts, and are grateful for their kind gesture because these types of cases rarely get enough financial support.

Different groups are making efforts towards the improvement of civil groups and their activities in Arizona. The people who need the assistance with their immigration cases can get assistance from the Larkin and Lacey fund by contacting the team managing the fund.

As long as you have a genuine case, you will get assistance. The two hope that with time, their fund will reach even further than their state and that they will support more individuals and groups in their efforts to get social justice.

Thor Halvorssen: A Genius in Human Rights Activism

The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, National Journal, just to mention a few, these are the print media outlets where Thor Halvorssen opinions have featured. In addition to the print media, his opinions have also been featured in stream media outlets such as BBC, Al Jazeera, HBO, CNN, and Fox News. But why do Thor Halvorssen opinions matter to feature this much? He speaks words that can send the politically enslaved free. He is known for his stands against threats to democracy, human trafficking, and slavery by all means. For this reason, he has dedicated part of his life as a lecturer of these things at several universities in the US. These universities and institutions include Harvard School of Law, the United Nations Association New York, the New York City Junto and the American Enterprise Institute. For his efforts and dedication to these causes, he was invited to the British parliament to address the house.

Among the things he is known for is the Human Rights Foundation that is based in New York. With this organization, Thor serves as the chairman. While working with this organization, he has managed to free several prisoners of conscience and has also worked with successful human rights activists. Some of the activists that he has managed to work with include Mart Laar, Harry Wu, Vladimir Bukovsky as well as Vaclav Havel and Garry Kasparov. He has managed to speak for political prisoners in several countries that include Venezuela, Vietnam, Cuba, Bolivia and even Panama and Columbia.

Some of his most successful works include unveiling corruption deals between American artists and dictators. Some of the artists that have been caught by his investigative eye include Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, 50 Cent and Erykah Baduh. Thor is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in history and law. When not working as a human right activist, Thor likes to spend his time as a film director. For instance, he is presently producing a film called the Moon is a Harsh Mistress. His films, however, focus on issues related to the things he strongly opposes. for more.

George Soros Battling Back Against Donald Trump

George Soros is one of the major Democratic donors who has spoken out against Donald Trump and is now fighting to control what policy is passed down by the new president-elect Donald Trump. Following the election of Donald Trump, George Soros gathered dozens of rich liberals for a three-day, closed door meeting to revive the left’s fight against Donald Trump.

The meeting was held at Washington D.C.’s expensive Mandarin Oriental hotel. The meeting on was sponsored by Soros’ donor club named the Democracy Alliance. Several leading Democrats made appearances including Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman Keith Ellison.

The seminar is the first gathering of leading Democrats since Trump’s upset victory over Hillary Clinton. Throughout the event, liberals planned-out full on trench warfare against Donald Trump from day one. This meeting has revealed that the Democrats are focusing on stopping President-elect Donald Trump’s 100-day plan on, which they call a terrifying attack on President Obama’s legacy.

The meeting comes as many on the left are reconsidering their approach to politics and the future role of the Democracy Alliance. The Democracy Alliance on, along with its fellow donors have had major hand in shaping policy important to the left. They are also responsible for restructuring their key organizations towards Clinton, and reshaping their strategy towards tipping elections towards the Democrats by highlighting that minorities and women have become the “rising American electorate.”

The 2016 election, showed that was not the case, where Trump was able to win over the working-class whites at The Democracy Alliance attempted to use fighting climate change and money in politics as a way to draw voters to the polls, but exit polls proved those were not major concerns among voters.

Liberals are beginning to invest more in developing policies within the states. George Soros launched Democracy Alliance in 2004, following the 2004 election, when a handful of mega-donors joined forces to spend millions trying to elect John Kerry as President. The Democracy Alliance has given more than $500 million to a variety of liberal groups that share the ideas as George Soros.

Many subjects expected to be covered at the meeting had to be scrapped because of the results of the 2016 election, including a discussion on how to support Clinton’s First 100-day plan.

George Soros continues to be a strong force inside the Democratic party, and will continue to shape policy that is close to him including criminal justice reform, with a focus on sentencing reform.

Thor Halvorssen Leads The Human Rights Foundation To Success

The Human Rights Foundation was formed by Thor Halvorssen in 2005 to provide an independent body capable of working with oppressed people in the world, under the leadership of the Venezuelan film producer. Halvorssen has sought to establish one of the most impressive boards in the history of human rights activism to make sure the Human Rights Foundation provides the best options in helping those trapped in closed societies. The dictatorships of the world are being placed under threat by the campaigning completed by the Human Rights Foundation, which has recently been aiming to publicize how corrupt governments are keeping resources from the people they rule.

Thor Halvorssen has a long history of working in the realm of human rights activism, inspired by the problems members of his own family had in having their own human rights limited or denied. The Human Rights Foundation is only the latest in a long line of charitable organizations Halvorssen has worked for as he sought out the largest level of experience available to him. The Human Rights Foundation founder is now one of the best known and respected members of the activism community in the world.

There is much to admire in the history and life of Thor Halvorssen, particularly in the way the leader of the organization has led the activism industry. Along with the growing level of success the Human Rights Foundation has achieved Thor Halvorssen has also looked to develop a number of other groups, such as the Oslo Freedom Forum and The Children’s Peace Movement.

Thor Halvorssen has led the Human Rights Foundation into a number of new areas, such as seeking to make sure the plight of people trapped in closed societies is not ignored by the media. Halvorssen has recently been publicizing the plight of people oppressed by criminal leaders who are paying members of the entertainment industry to visit their country. As a well known figure in the media Thor Halvorssen has looked to use his influence with a number of open letters explaining why certain celebrities are wrong to visit closed societies, such as that found in Angola.

Sanjay Shah Combines Two Of His Favorites In Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah found a way to combine his love of music with his love for his son Nikhil, who happens to have autism. As founder and CEO of Autism Rocks, Shah started a Go Fund Me fundraiser for his charity. All funds raised by this campaign go to the Autism Research Trust, of which Shah is a trustee, which in turn funds autism research at Cambridge University. These projects are not looking for a cure; they are investigating intervention programs that offer the greatest benefit to children with autism. This will help parents, like Sanjay Shah and his wife, understand how their autistic child is feeling and what he or she needs.

Shah came up with the idea for Autism Rocks while entertaining rapper Snoop Dogg at his Dubai home. He decided to invite wealthy friends and business associates to private concerts with big names from the music industry. Shah knew that people in London and Dubai wouldn’t mind donating to a worthy cause by buying a ticket to see Lenny Kravitz or Prince in an exclusive setting.

Autism Rocks is the latest endeavor in wealthy businessman Sanjay Shah’s illustrious career. Born in 1970, Shah is widely known as the founder and CEO of Solo Capital Partners, a private investment firm, however, after moving from London to Dubai, he says that he is semi-retired. After studying medicine at King’s College in the U.K., Shah decided that his real interest was accounting. After holding several jobs at prestigious trading firms, Shah, like so many others, found himself out of a job during the recession. However, his redundancy was a blessing in disguise, since it pushed Shah to open Solo Capital Partners, which made him a millionaire.

Currently, Shah is living in Dubai with his wife and three children. He’s said to have a net worth of $280 million, enough to provide his youngest son with all the therapy he needs, nevertheless, Sanjay Shah understands that other parents with an autistic child are not as fortunate. He’s made several personal donations, besides raising money for research, to help wherever it is needed the most.