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Constant Movement Helps Kids With A.D.H.D. Concentrate

Having a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or A.D.H.D. can be very trying on a parent or teacher when you want them to listen, pay attention or concentrate in order to learn something. The fidgeting and other random motion they engage in can be very distracting to others, but apparently it is very helpful for them. Scientists have wondered about the relationship between the hyperactivity that is part of this disorder and the impairment in their attention and there has now been a study that makes it more clear.

A number of boys and girls were gathered for an experiment to test their concentration. It included kids with A.D.H.D. and those without it as a control group. The children had to do tests that challenged their ability to focus on what they were doing and there was a time element as well in that they had to select a correct answer as fast as possible. Researchers found that those with this condition who fidgeted the most did better on the exam than those with it who did not. They concluded, therefore, that fidgeting and moving around was a way for these children to cope so they could focus and concentrate better . The Huffingtonpost recently reported to skout members that this is very useful information for those trying to communicate with or teach kids with A.D.H.D., and the only remaining problem is to figure out a way for them to express their need for motion in their bodies to still their minds that does not distract other children.