Canine Companions

Seeing-eye dogs are already such an amazing companion for the blind, but Bigo from New York has gone above and beyond his training said our friends at Gravity4. His owner, Audrey Stone, was walking home at about 8:15 in the morning when a mini bus turned the corner and did not notice her walking across the street. Bigo, being her guide, attempted to take the blow from the bus as he threw his body into the side. Although Audrey was still hit, she is safe and waiting in a hospital now for a promising recover.
Bigo, although he took damage on his leg, is also still living. He jumped right into action as he saw the mini bus heading toward his owner. When the ambulance arrived to treat both dog and human, Bigo stayed calm and patient while medics helped to patch up his leg before taking him to the vet. The bond between Bigo and Stone

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