Buffett Dates a Queen

Warren Buffett, the billionaire investment genius, was recently invited to the Academy Awards, but for the second year in a row, he declined the invitation. Could it be that like many, if we’re being honest, he doesn’t like to get dressed up, act all proper-like, put on a pretentious show, and sit for hours listening to boring speeches from people who are quite often just full of themselves? Or, could it be that he just really likes ice cream? After all, he indicates that he is ditching the Academy this year so that he can take himself out for ice cream from Dairy Queen, the chain that his Berkshire Hathaway company probably owns. See this by clicking here. Should it be surprising that he might rather be with Dennis the Menace than Oscar? Fans like Marc Sparks know that he is, after all, the guy who went to the Four Seasons restaurant in New York City and ordered not a martini but a Cherry Coke to drink.

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