Bruce Levenson brings his Business Skills to Sports and Philanthropy

Bruce Levenson has proven himself to be a success in almost every aspect of the business world, with his UCG Group quickly becoming one of the main suppliers of news and data for the oil and gas industries as early as the 1970s. Levenson was still a student at the American University Law School Levenson began working as a journalist for the Washington Star, Levenson used his skills with UCG co-founder Ed Peskowitz to establish a newsletter designed for the oil industry. From a storage room where the two created the first Oil Express newsletters the UCG Group was formed that now provides data, analysis and statistics for a wide range of industrial areas across the World.

There is much more to Levenson than simply the businessman looking to new technologies to enhance his business career. Instead, the businessman is also well known for his work in a number of communities and sporting areas that provide him with an outlet from the stresses of business life and the chance to give back to others. Bruce Levenson took a controlling interesting with his consortium partners in the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise in 2004, Levenson took a large interest in the promotion and control of the Hawks and joined the NBA Board of Governors as the Hawks representative.

The Atlanta Hawks are more just a hobby for Levenson, instead they are often seen at the good causes and projects Levenson and his wife Karen are known to support. One of the major projects funded by Levenson was the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, which became a pet project for the Levenson’s as Karen’s mother is a Holocaust survivor. The Atlanta Hawks team attended the museum to raise awareness of it amongst younger people in 2014. Levenson and wife also spend a large amount of their time and money sponsoring a series of outreach programs developed through the US Holocaust Museum to keep the issues of the Holocaust alive in the minds of those who were not born when it took place during World War II.

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