BRL Trust Investment Services

When you look at the services that BRL Trust Investment services offer, you will understand that BRL Trust sets itself apart from other investment firms.


  • Trustee Services: BRL Trust Investments offer services that give investors access to global capital markets. BRL Trustee services have an asset control system (SCA) which specializes in tracking, monitoring, and control and collection of loans. The SCA database has a database with over 300 companies monitored in various sectors.
  • Funds Administration: Authorized by the SEC to act as a manager of investment funds, the BRL Trust has participated in structured transactions that have grown from R$2 Billion in 2010 to R$18.25 billion in 2014.
  • Custody of Funds: There are many different custodial services available to BRL Trust customers including custody and settlement of assets, controlling of securities lending operations, and cash settlements. BRL Trust also offers controlling services of asset pricing, share calculation, accounting services, reporting services to regulatory agencies, standardized reports, taxes control and payments, and control of shareholders, investments, and redemptions.
  • Asset Management & Underwriting: BRL Trust has asset management solutions to for investment funds to meet the expectations of their client’s needs. BRL Trust also has security underwriting services available in order to raise funds for structured deals for real estate, qualified investments, agriculture, or debentures.




If you are in the market for a quality investment firm that offers trust services that are in Sao Paulo, Brazil than you will want to talk to the friendly staff at BRL Trust Investments. With their expertise in investment funds, asset management, fiduciary services, and fund administration you can rest assured that your money is in safe hands. They want to serve your best interests and to do that they want your money to work hard for you.



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