Brian Bonar is a financial expert

The world of finance is really taking off, as the market is starting to rebound, and people are extremely curious about the powerful and intelligent minds that make this world go round. One of the brightest minds in the world of finance today is Brian Bonar. Check out his Dalrada Financial profile.

Brian Bonar started his career as a young child that was extremely interested in the world of technology. Brian excelled throughout grade school and he ended up getting into James Watt Technical College. After getting his bachelor’s degree, he went on to get his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.
Brian’s techinical experience came in handy when he began to work for IBM. He started out as a procurement manager. He excelled at that job, and he quickly found himself moving into the leadership. Eventually, he ended up becoming the Director of Engineering for QMS. At QMS he lead a team of over a hundred people. This on the job leadership experience has helped him excel in the world of business.

While Brian excelled in the world of business, he ultimately had his eyes on the financial sector. He knew that the world of finance had great potential, and he ended up flocking to Dalrada Financial Services.
At Dalrada Financial Services, Brian has excelled. His colleagues raved about his work ethic and he was seen as one of the most helpful people at the financial firm. He built a specialty in the field of mergers and acquisitions. He has excelled in this role and he has guided many companies through a successful merger. Brian Bonar was written about by Modern Luxury here.

Brian credits several things for his incredible success. One of the most important things in his success is his ability to high quality work ethic. He approaches everyday with a fresh face and works hard everyday. He also credits his experience in the world of technology to give him an eye towards innovation.

Brian has become world renowned for his ability to do his job. In 2000, he was named to the Who’s Who list. This is an extremely prestigious list of people throughout the country.

While Brian does work hard everyday, he also finds time to get some leisure in. Brian likes to golf in his free time, and he has been known for his ability to beat his business associates on the golf course. Brian also likes to go on boating trips in his spare time. Both the golf trips and the boating trips offer a wonderful opportunity for Brian to connect with his coworkers and his business associates.

The world of finance is growing quickly, and people are looking for high quality financial leaders to give them insight. One of the leading financial leaders is Brian Bonar.

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