Bernardo Chua Shows How To Make Money, One Cup At A Time

Few adults can resist a cup of coffee. And now that medical studies have revealed health benefits to coffee in certain amounts, as well as certain blends of tea, people around the globe are consuming these beverages in numbers like never before. It could well be a good time for a enterprising entrepreneur to go into the coffee distribution business. Certainly Bernardo Chua thinks so.

Who is Bernardo Chua? He is the owner and founder of Organo Gold, a company that manufacturers blends of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate which contain a herbal ingredient derived from Ganoderma lucidum, an Oriental fungus. While Western medicine has been unable to link health benefits to ganoderma, it has been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine, where it’s been attributed to improving general good health and strengthening body systems.

A native of the Philippines, Bernardo Chua got his business start in that country working as an executive for Gano Excel, a company that marketed ganoderma derived products as health supplements. Under Bernardo Chua , Gano Excel’s market expanded into lucrative North American and Hong Kong markets. Bernardo Chua owned a coffee shop in Richmond, British Columbia in 2008, and in that year, decided to combine the public’s love of coffee with herbal supplements by introducing a new product line called Organo Gold. In addition to offering the novel approach of coffee as a health food, Bernardo Chua decided that the product line would be sold through direct marketing. Today, in addition to various blends of coffee, the Organo Gold line offers green tea, lattes, a non-hot beverage called Black Ice, and supplements in vitamin form, all containing ganoderma to varying degrees. While many sales come through direct online marketing, they can be sold through conventional retail marketers as well, and Chau offers seven different earnings opportunities for his distributers. Organo Gold’s projected figures for 2015 forecast more than a million global distributers and $800,000,000 in global revenue. Top company earners receive such perks as trips to South Africa and the Bahamas, plus opportunities to lease Mercedes Benz and other well-known luxury automobiles.

In addition to expanding Organo Gold product sales Bernardo Chua has created OG Cares, a charitable foundation that raises funds for underprivileged youth world wide. Its first United States fund raising effort will be with a ball and live and silent auctions in Los Angeles in August of 2015.

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