As the use of internet for business transaction explodes, here is a new innovation that ecommerce sites need to consider. The new visual imaging technology is software that allows visual search as opposed to the traditional text based searches. The technology has already rolled out with the social network the Pinterest and the Both companies have made a remarkable progress in the significance of the software in increasing sales. The management specified optimism in the new technology and said it’s willing to roll the technology to other products.

According to the, they initially ran the software on women footwear and performed excellently. By narrowing the search to the characteristics the customers are looking for, they can quickly identify specific products they want to purchase. The Pinterest has gone a step further and incorporated the purchase buttons in the image results. It results in specific images from the drawing the user input to the search box. Visual imaging system uses the deep learning technology which enables the software to understand the search image and return specific image results. With the technology, e commerce sites can significantly increase sales. Visual imaging systems are estimated to be worth over $21 billion by 2018 in returns.

According to the optical imaging technology firm Slyce, a large number of consumers are dissatisfied with the text based system. They complain it’s inefficient in helping them identify specific products they wish to buy. A report published on the company’s websites also shows that a number of consumers attach value to a product through its image quality.

Slyce has partnered with several app developers and software companies on various visual web projects. The company agrees with interested parties in several ways including integration, percentage sales and pay per search options. With several decades experience in soft development, the company is right position and committed to innovations in the upcoming visual web technology.

Ecommerce businesses need to embrace the technology to boost their sales. In the latest news, the companies that have incorporated the technology have attested to its working well. Since the invention of the internet, the text-based search method has dominated the browsers and the search engines while other features on the internet continually change. Embracing the technology early may give the business the mileage it needs to stay competitive.

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