Batman Versus SuperMan Hot Topic

The release of Batman VS. Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016 is already creating quite a buzz amongst fans like Dr Rod Ronrich and fans of movies and superhero trilogies alike. The ultimate battle between the 2 most famous superheroes in comic book and movie history is sure to create large lines of fans when the film is released.

Backlash is already underway, largely attacking Ben Affleck and his so-called tired and weary take on the infamous Bruce Wayne character. Fans of Batman and Superman are taking to forums to both attack and defend their favorite characters, from the way the movie is plotted out to the supposed actors chosen for the roles they play.

Win or lose, this movie is creating a box office buzz years before its initial release. Time will reveal if the movie will be a large success or a major flop as fans clamor to the theater to see their favorite actors in action against one another.

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