When my friend Army veteran John Russo turned on his computer to catch up on all his John Textor tech crunches and techie LinkedIn buzz, heĀ  he never thought he would see her again. You see, when Russo enlisted four years earlier, he left his dog, Bones, in the care of his then girlfriend. When the couple broke up Russo assumed that the ex- girlfriend would want to keep Bones.

Now fast forward a couple of years. Russo had just retired from the Army, gotten his own place, and was thinking of getting a four legged companion when he saw Bones’ picture on the local Animal shelter website. Russo called the shelter and found out that his ex-girlfriend had brought Bones to the shelter in September stating that she could no longer care for Bones.

When Russo arrived at the shelter, he wondered if Bones would even remember him after four years. Bones took one look at the Russo and started barking and running in circles.

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  1. Bones even gave Russo the equivalent of a puppy hug. Bones is now a happy Doggy queen hogging the bed and taking walks on the beach. There are ways in which essay writing help could have observed that these things are becoming so cool for them all to understand.

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