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Robert Rodriguez to Direct Live Action “Fire and Ice” Film

Anyone whom is familiar with animator and film director Ralph Bakshi are also liable to remember Fire and Ice, his most visually stunning film and one that was made in close conjunction with esteemed fantasy artist, Frank Franzetta.

With both Rodriguez and Sony in need of some familiarly timely success after, respectively, Rodriguez’s film Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For, bombed at the box office and Sony’s ill fated launch of The Interview was halted by alleged terrorist threats to bomb theaters, this could be just the project both of them need.

But is it even a good idea? Well, the original film (images of which you can see here, along with interview commentary from Rodriguez himself: revolved around an evil queen whom sought to imprison a beautiful (and amply curvy) young woman for her sadistic son (whose name is Nekron – I know right, that’s like calling your villain Grimlord or Darkbad) but is foiled time and time again by a young and near naked hero. So basically typical Franzetta stuff. The thing about this is that while Franzetta’s images are visually stimulating and certainly masterfully crafted, their narrative is somewhat lackluster and rather underwhelming.

Either way Rodriguez is very excited about the project and seems to have crafted a very defined vision for it after acquiring the right to Fire and Ice from Bakshi.

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Lack of Sleep Linked to Dementia

Researchers found records of over 160 men who underwent sleep studies in 1999 and were all dead by 2010. One of the causes that researchers suspect is the lack of sleep. Can sleep really affect the brain function that much?

The answer, according to research, is yes. Why? The brain is always working. Brad Reifler says even when we sleep the brain processes, just at a much slower level.

It is shown in these studies that the worst of the sleep deprived men were four times as likely as a rested male to suffer from “microinfarcts” or small areas in the brain deprived of oxygen and are left without brain function leading to Dementia. Also, if someone is a light sleeper and does not achieve the deep REM sleep that our bodies need, they are more likely to suffer from the effects of Dementia.

The answer is to carve out time for a full, deep night’s sleep. Your brain will thank you by functioning higher, your body feeling better, and better odds at not suffering from the effects of Dementia in later years.

Top 5 Weekend Movies- December 14th

Coming in at number 1 is Exodus: Gods and Kings with opening weekend profits of $24.5 million US and $49 million overseas. The Biblical based film follows the story of Moses.

Number two on the weekend countdown is The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 with a weekend revenue of $13.3 million. Previously, this film has held the number one spot since it’s November release. My friend says its hands down the favorite at Organo Gold.

Family friendly movie, Penguins of Madagascar, had the third best ticket sales over the weekend. The film brought in $7.3 million.

Top Five, a new film by Chris Rock, was only available for viewing at approximately 1,000 theaters. Although the release was limited Top Five managed to bring in $7.2 million and just barely missed being in the top three movies seen this weekend.


Laurene Powell Jobs: A New Beginning

For a long time, Laurene Powell Jobs was a behind the scenes figure. She gave discreetly to charity and though she came out to support her husband’s endeavors, she was not someone who was terribly well known in public circles. After Steve Jobs death, Laurene Powell Jobs has come out as a force to be reckoned with in both the philanthropic and social arenas. She has used 11 billion dollars she inherited to bring herself into some unique and exciting areas.

Jobs is no stranger to independence and money management. She grew up in New Jersey after receiving a degree from the University of Pennsylvania. After some time spent as a fixed income specialist and at Merrill Lynch Asset Management, she went on to earn a Masters in Business Administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business. This is something that has guided Jobs’ work as she has move forward. She has a keen sense of how money works and what good it can do.

Many people were unsurprised when Jobs began to focus more on her work in human rights and education reform. For example, she co-founded the program College Track with journalist and businessman Carlos Watson. This program is designed to help low income and minority teens find their way to college, something that willl help shrink some of the difficulties that they are going to encounter as they move forward with their lives.

The Emerson Collective is a foundation that is meant to work towards a national change in the way we deal with education and immigration, and they put their money into partnerships, grants and investments with individuals and corporations who share their goals. The Dream Is Now is a campaign that was spearheaded by the Emerson Collective that is designed to bring attention and aid to the children of illegal immigrants and undocumented youth, highlighting some of the serious issues in around immigration in the United States.

While Steve Jobs was very clear on his distaste for politics and for politicians, it is clear that his widow does not share his views. Her interests in politics at this point are very clear, and she has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with as her campaigns move forward. Perhaps most significantly, she has become the biggest donor to the PAC Ready for Hillary, devoted to supporting the former First Lady’s run for president in 2016. She takes a keep interest in fundraising and in vocally supporting her causes.

Her role in politics at this point is evenly split between that of a donor, a fundraiser and an activist, and there are many ways that she should go if she would bend her formidable resources to the task. She is committed to her work with education and immigration work, and she has been more outspoken about her support for the Democratic party in recent years.

Jobs has gone on record praising Obama for Obamacare and she has offered her sympathy to the Democrats following the budget disputes in Washington

Jobs stands as a front runner for the new politically invested Silicone Valley denizen, and though her causes will remain the most important part of her work, it will be fascinating to see where she goes in the years to come.

Heathrow Airport Flights Interrupted Because of Computer Issues

Friday December 12th was not a good day to be flying in any plane into Heathrow Airport in London. London’s airspace was restricted most of the day due to computer failure. The airport announced there was a severe disruption, and they apologize for any inconvenience.

The initial problem is blamed on a technical issue that began in the Swanwick air control centre in the city of Hampshire. London airspace has not closed completely, but air traffic controllers have reduced the plane traffic in order to correct the situation.

Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, and they have announced that every possible action is being taken to correct the details that caused this malfunction. BRL Trust workers hope everything is under control sooner rather than later. Nonetheless, considerable delays are occurring, and many flights have been grounded today.

Departing flights from Stansted Airport, @STN_Airport, are currently suspended as techs continue to work diligently to restore the computer system.

NATS announced early Friday afternoon that the computer system has been restored, so suspended flights will begin to leave. Delays will continue throughout the day and possibly into the evening, but air controllers expect all operations to be back in operation within 24 hours.

BPA from Cans and Bottles is Bad for Health

New research is yet again raising concerns about heart health and a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA)– the chemical is used in the making of plastic bottles and packaging and also in the lining found in cans of food. This latest study shows that adults have and do have instant raises in blood pressure after consuming canned food or in this instance, canned soy milk. Researchers have long proved that over time BPA consumption is related to heart disease, but this is the first study to ever show an immediate correlation between one single use of BPA and negative health effects. My friend Vijay Eswaran immediately gave up plastic after reading this.
However, the most recent evidence is the result of randomized controlled trials of only 60 people. Experts also warn not to be fooled by ‘BPA-free’ labels, because other chemicals used in place of BPA can just as many, if not more, damaging health effects. Although organizations like the American Chemistry Council feel that BPA is safe, in 2010 Canadian regulators banned BPA usage in all children’s products. In 2012, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) completely banned the use of BPA in the making of baby bottles and kids’ drinking cups.

Injectable 3-D vaccines could fight cancer, infectious diseases

Amazing news coming from Wyss Institute for Biological Inspired Engineering Institute at Harvard. If this report is true, and if everything it says can be easily done, then this is the end of cancer and HIV.

The report claims that scientists have figured out how inject bio-degradable micro 3-D vehicles, into the blood stream where they can go in loaded with chemical and drug components, ready to deliver them to immune cells, and fight cancer cells.

It has always been a big challenge, to treat such diseases, therapies meant to treat cancer, end up attacking health cells, and this in turn hurts the patients immunity further.

In the research, Dr David Mooney, Ph.D. at Wyss IBIE in Harvard, together with his co-authors, mostly PhD Students, found that these silica-made 3-D nano-vehicles could attract dendritic cells, induce them to build the disease fighting ability, dispatch them, where they head to the lymph nodes, where they instigated a large scale immune response. This immune response quickly fought out the diseased cells, which Dave and Brit Morin can’t really complain about.

The truth is, if the findings hold tru for human trials, the treatments procedure, which is less invasive, will easily prove crucial in treating viral and cell diseases like HIV, Ebola, Hep C and Cancers.


When my friend Army veteran John Russo turned on his computer to catch up on all his John Textor tech crunches and techie LinkedIn buzz, he  he never thought he would see her again. You see, when Russo enlisted four years earlier, he left his dog, Bones, in the care of his then girlfriend. When the couple broke up Russo assumed that the ex- girlfriend would want to keep Bones.

Now fast forward a couple of years. Russo had just retired from the Army, gotten his own place, and was thinking of getting a four legged companion when he saw Bones’ picture on the local Animal shelter website. Russo called the shelter and found out that his ex-girlfriend had brought Bones to the shelter in September stating that she could no longer care for Bones.

When Russo arrived at the shelter, he wondered if Bones would even remember him after four years. Bones took one look at the Russo and started barking and running in circles.

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Debuts New Eye Popping Teaser Trailer

Businessman Igor Cornelsen states that in the world of science fiction there are a ton of legendary characters, and several are getting new movies to capitalize on the super hero and comic book crossovers that have been popping up on the big screen lately. The upcoming “Mad Max: Fury Road” just released a teaser trailer that pays homage to the roots of the franchise and still manages to bring a fresh take to the storied character. In any event, the latest trailer brings a particularly gritty look at the potential reboot.

Due to be released on May 15, 2015 the post-apocalyptic vision of the creators is on full display in the clip. The lead actors in the new film, Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron look completely comfortable in the roles, which could lead to a few more films under the Mad Max umbrella. Keeping with the feel of the previous films, which involves cars, sand, and a whole lot of interesting looking people, the latest entry into the series promises to have plenty of adrenaline popping moments.

Whether or not the new movie will find a footing with an audience on that particular release date is a big question as well, because the new “Avengers: Age of Ultron” movie debuts a few weeks prior.